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  • moneyonomics moneyonomics Aug 8, 2012 8:43 PM Flag


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    • The sinkhole issue is not, in any way, XTEX's responsibility.

      Yet, the problem could persist for awhile. I would think it will require a major rerouting. But, not until things stabilize, which could take awhile.

      But, it's still just one of their pipelines and they have many growth projects in place.

      So, in time, this issue will be solved, the growth prospects will mature, DCF will grow.

      What is generally lacking today, in the investor class, is patience. Could take 6-12 months.

      Good buying opportunity.

    • Doesn't matter who owns it, the question is still the same. I'd link there should be liability coverage for this. XTEX shouldn't pay for the shutdown.

    • ross.john actually the sink hole appears to be owned by a third party at a shut in salt cavern

    • Was the sinkhole caused by Chevron doing something to their salt dome caverns? If so, doesn't their insurance cover loss of income caused by this problem. I know they declared a force majeure with respect to the occurrence, but that does not release the company where the sinkhole occurred form bieng held for damages if they dug around the cavern (whatever) without assessing erosion and soil stability before continuing.
      Plus, it does not cover loss of good will on the part of customers who had their supply chain disrupted, albeit not by a cause attributable to XTEX. Lawyers, lawyers, lawyers, lawyers, and insurance people. Can't we build a good jet fighter or are we only going to turn out lawyers.

    • have tried to post on sinkhole but for some reason yahoo will not take the posting on sink hole which is south of their two plants (plaquemines and riverside) on eastern edge of pngl line that appears to feed new sibon system