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  • corvup corvup Nov 17, 2012 10:22 AM Flag

    Oil & Gas MLP 'S all at 52 week lows

    Just curious to ideas why all the energy companies and the MLP 's in particular at their 52 Week lows? I understand that the Fiscal Cliff is creating uncertainty in tax policies, but is the fear really this drastic? I notice that Devon and Apache at new lows, in the case of Apache now below book value. Not sure it is fiscal policy related because all these stocks have been stagnant for some time.
    Is there any thought with potential new tax policies that XTEX or XTXI would be a better Investment over the other? I guess my question would Dividend or Distribution potential be treated more favorable over the other? If Capital gains or taxes on Dividends went substantially higher, wouldn't these companies handle distributions differently to get around the tax burden? Any thoughts??

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