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  • disabledretiree disabledretiree Dec 9, 2012 3:18 PM Flag

    understanding what the distribution will be if it increases by 10% in 2013 as the last CC projected

    How does one figure out how the distribution will increase if it increases by 10%. Is that 2.5% per qtr?
    .33 + 33(.025), Q2 .33*(.025)+.33*(.025) *(.025).... My mathematical equations maybe someone can make sense of this and get back to me on how to calculate what the distributions for units would be in the 4th Q of 2012. Thanks.

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    • Your making it too tough - this year we will have paid out about $1.30? So add 10% - about $1.40.

      We've got some issues to work through and I'm not expecting anything great until 2015 unfortunately. Frankly if saw a penny a quarter increase next year I'd be fine with it.