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  • drigvze drigvze Dec 11, 2012 11:22 AM Flag

    Upside potential

    XTEX has been showing support around 14.26 and resistance in the 16.21 price range. It is upgraded to a strong buy by stoxline website with the 18.93 target price in six months.

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    • So much for support. It sure looks like somebody with a lot of shares wants out. Everytime is looks done, somebody hits it with a chunk of shares. Strangely it is not affecting XTXI.

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      • Could the "wild" ups and downs of the price of the limited partnership units be related in someway to fund managers looking for .25 increases and then dumping 100,000 share lots to show a profit of $25,000 for the day, rather than the dumping be a true reflection of how the company may be doing? I am still waiting to see the numbers on Ohio Valley and Sibon and what they have added to the bottom line. If all of the news re: bbls of oil flowing down the river per day and in the pipes in these areas are indicative of what is really happening, I would expect a heftier DCF.

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