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  • c2bfit Oct 7, 2010 6:37 PM Flag

    hey! Apparently some of you read my post!

    And let me take you even higher! What most people just don't get
    about LPS is that they're a a Lender "PROCESSING Service" (i.e techno innovative ways to help (not hinder) lenders. Be it good mortgages or bad (they just help).
    And I know it's sad but, the sooner America gets through the housing bobble (refis, forecloses, whatever) the sooner America can recover from this awefull recsssion.
    And here's another note that most don't realize about mortgage services cos like LPS.
    Frankly, if they charge (say $1) for processing a good mortgage and that same mortgage goes into default/foreclosre, LPS still charges once for the original (good) mortgage and then twice for the same mortgage in deault/foreclosure/short sale. And if the banks hold up these mortgages/start them over, that's just that much more revenue.
    Can you understand that?
    LPS still has the analyst's Medium target price of $40.
    I say take advantage of this opportunity before it goes back up to $??.

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