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  • c2bfit May 17, 2012 5:45 PM Flag

    "Housing turning the corner" says the stats

    report this am: "New mortgages up in April over March some 14+%". Also "rates for 30 yrs are again at decades lows of 3.79%). It may (finally) be time for people/investors to buy housing again as a good investment. (I know my house is currently worth about half what I paid for it and I'm looking to invest.) Bottom line is LPS makes money (for investors) whether the (housing) market goes up or down. The ONLY reason they're down this week (especially today) is because the market 'in general' is down and by (much misunderstood) 'association' with the fianancials. So, I think you'll see a pop tomorrow and if Greece gets off everyone's back, the rest of our lives will be better! GLTA