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  • c2bfit Jun 18, 2012 10:07 PM Flag

    LPS is currently close to a bottom and

    Cramer has been telling investors to avoid the home builders (like TOL and LEN) because "they're already seen "a nice run". So, Cramer advises you to buy the behind the secnes cos. (like 'WHH' and 'HD'). Cramer has too much going on in his life to make accurate predictions. He's another TV clown and if you believe in him, call me because I have some cheap property to sell you in Florida. Jim Cramer may seem like a nice guy to you suckers but, (and I don't care if he's made you a few thousand - he's lost many people thousands and they don't take those phone calls. I know from experience. If you want to get into the upcomomg 'building/mortgage fanamana that investors haven't realized yet, the get into LPS, that services 52% of ALL loans in America - GLTA.

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