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  • c2bfit Jul 18, 2012 7:45 PM Flag

    Face the facts -

    The big banks took the hit for propagating pre-mature foreclosures. And if you knew the law, robo-signing is illegal as long as you tell your associates that it's okay. (it's like me authorizing my daughter to sign checks for me, it's legal!). But, vultures (like Cody) seized the moment and made off with millions by slyly shorting the stock. But let's move on now.
    LPS is a mortgage SERVICES company (not a lender). That means they make money by servicing existing mortgages, new mortgages and forecloses of the same mortgages they're servicing.
    Like it or not, LPS is what we call "recession proof" (sort of like a MCD or WMT).
    It's hard to find a company that will always survive because they're recession proof and pays a .40/yr div).

    Hope you're thinking smart in these rough times.
    Happy trails.