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  • lorddarley lorddarley Nov 12, 2001 12:14 PM Flag

    sports betting

    It has always surprised me that the racetracks don't unite to offer sports betting (w/ propositions) through parimutuel pools.

    1/ It's already the biggest gambling game in the nation, most of it conducted illegally but a good deal through Las Vegas.

    2/ It would be a great reason for gamblers to GO TO the tracks, where screens could show all the NFL games at the same time as the races.

    3/ Politically, it's closer in concept to horse betting than slot machines.

    4/ It's a huge source of new revenue which is not tapped by the horsemen or the states.


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    • never happen.. bad image.. questionable calls raise too many what IFS?
      vegas will never get a pro franchise..
      image bad..

    • The fact remains that MLB or the NFL will never have a professional team in Vegas or any other legalized betting city or state >>


      When the Patriots flirted with Hartford (in the state w/ Foxwoods and its sports book which does not eschew football), that was hardly a consideration. And you won't see the pros abandon NY.

      Don't be so quick to assume that the NFL would never go along with this. There's not an NFL owner who wouldn't love to tap into the revenue source from football betting. A partnership with the racing establishment (now that it is corporate and respectable) is not that far-fetched. Check the invite list for the Derby and count the NFL owners.

      All that's needed is a bit of vision in the Commissioner's office. Dedicate some of the revenues to homeland defense and other good causes and it's an attractive way to divert money which is bet illegally into a good social purpose.

      I wish the NTRA were pursuing this. Actually, they haven't got the moxie. It would take original thinking and a guy who isn't afraid to present new ideas to the establishment. Mr. Chairman, are you listening??


    • The NFL or MLB would NEVER , NEVER NEVER let this happen..
      just ask Pete Rose..