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  • mary31356 mary31356 Nov 12, 2001 6:11 PM Flag

    sports betting

    The fact remains that MLB or the NFL will never have a professional team in Vegas or any other legalized betting city or state ..
    you will NEVER be able to go to Saratoga and bet the yankees or go to Santa Anita and bet the Dodgers!..
    no way, hell would freeze over beforehand..
    image, image image thats all it is..
    the image of a pro team associated with a legalized betting town is a NO-NO..

    yes, i have made many sports wagers..
    but never on the HOME team
    not only would state law not allow it
    more importantly
    the sports owners wont allow it
    every sports page in the good ol' USA
    lists lines of all sports games
    nothing wrong with that
    they also have ads of the local Hooters establishment
    for what thats worth
    remember this
    Vegas will NEVER
    NEVER get a major league franchise