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  • jimbollini jimbollini Sep 16, 2008 10:25 AM Flag

    Any comments - to the SELL recommendation?

    Back a couple weeks, there was an article "Don't Buy High Yeilding Stocks Just For The Dividend". In it this company was recommend as a sell.

    I've been thru a lot as a shareholder.

    and further comments would be appreciated.


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    • My advise to you is to do your DUE DILIGENCE work before investing. Make your own judgment for your best interest but don't listen to the non sense comments.

    • He may have registered 72 times, but how is he going vote more than once ?? Just like the other bogus registrations, Mickey Mouse can't actually vote unless someone shows up with positive ID and convinces the poll worker that mickey mouse is their real name.

    • That is not all what I said. I am referring to the illegal activity of Acorn organizers, like the guy who admitted he registered to vote 72 times. Plus, the situation in Ohio is potentially very troublesome.
      If McCain clearly loses, he will be man enough to admit it and accept defeat. If Obama loses by a slim margin, it could be a repeat of the Florida situation with Gore and Clinton.
      If you trust any politician who comes out of the Chicago democratic machine politics game, you are naive and uninformed. And, if you trust a fair election in Chicago, you don't know the history.
      Learn something before you post your flippant responses.

    • Let me get this correct. If McCain wins it was a fair election. If BO wins it was fixed. Do you honestly believe that? Buckshot

    • Personally, I will hold.
      My grandfather bought into this co in the 50s, when it was Citizens Utilities. This stock remains in the family ever since, through several name changes and diversification, finally the current focus on telecommunication. My grandpa came to USA a dirt poor immigrants son and died a millionair.
      Obviously,hard work and finacial wisdom was the key, but Citizens growth through half a decade gave him, and his kids and grandkids, secere nest eggs.
      The market has changed since grampas day, and I dont know where its going. I myself am not trading on ANYTHING now.
      But, this has bin a stable growth company for a long time, and I think its safer than most others.
      Good luck.

    • Have you checked the historical prices at Yahoo?I bought some yesterday,& I'm just waiting to buy more.

4.96+0.06(+1.22%)Nov 27 1:00 PMEST