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  • retaoba retaoba Jul 14, 2011 2:19 PM Flag

    I will probably regret this but...

    Stock going down, a juicy dividend and a stable (at least for now) business model.

    Where are you going to pull in a safe (imho - as their cashflow is more than adequate to maintain the payout) dividend of nearly 10%?

    Management has said they will keep dividend the same - look to raise between 2012-2013(figure 2013). (After the rural upgrades to service are all done).

    I believe them. So do a number of funds and other prominent investors.

    It will be several years before AT&T or VZ gets any kind of penetration into the rural markets that FTR serves - correct me if you believe that statement is wrong.

    Dips under $8 are very good buying opportunities for this dividend lion.

    FYI - going back more than a year makes little sense- FTR became a different company with the acquisition of the former VZ accounts. This was bold and well executed move, imho.

    I almost hope they will miss earnings- I will pick some more up. I don't think they will though. The company is a very well run entity.

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    • I must comment that this topic and response has ;;been the first in content ,information and

      good manners!

    • I bought a much smaller number of shares on Thursday than what most here are claiming to be buying. I like this stock under $8.00,but I am looking for other good deals too. If this stock goes down much I will be hurt but unless the whole market goes down,as it very well may,I will be o.k. My son just got a new to him home in a rural area and he wanted cable instead of satilite as he didn't want to get into a two year contract that was hard to know just what it would end up costing. If ftr has good service and good selection at a competitive price,they should do very well.

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