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  • hoppinl hoppinl Jul 15, 2011 1:30 PM Flag

    What the heck........

    is happening to this stock?

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    • Well when congress talks debt, they talk about cutting subsidies. Do you think these companies get federal monies? Think rural service, broadband ect. Then think why these stocks are not going up.

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      • true ... doubt is cast ...

        and the way that Washington works, who knows where the
        cuts will be coming from

        o SS and medicare/medicaid .. unlike any times previous ,
        a huge chunk of the electorate is in these groups, and
        it is growing ... tough for any pol to want to support
        cuts here

        o military .. strong as ever , thanks to Bush and the reps,
        also constant fears of terrorism ... unlikely to see
        many cuts here .. probably most will be in reduced
        jets and ships , big ticket stuff

        o various subsidies .. most likely , which ones ? who
        knows ??

        o possible solutions ... for the US to better manage
        tariff policies .. gen some income here .... cut
        subsidies to well capitalized concerns , like oil and
        start increasing lease rates .. let'em drill wherever
        the oil is , ANWAR and such , but charge them !!!!!

        o sell more spectrum to the telecoms

        the govt can bring in loads of revenue to mitigate the
        spending cuts , but the DC bottlenecks are a real drag
        on putting in real fixes to these messes ...

        there are viable solutions out there , but until some
        get real traction and until the US job market improves ..
        we are going to ether stagnate, or just bob up and down
        in ranges ......

        good reason to hold some good div stocks for the long
        term ...

      • Good point. I am hoping that congress will continue to see the importance of communication to the financial wellbeing and growth of rural communities. If rural, areas do not have broad ban, they have little chance of attracting or keeping many small businesses.

    • WIN and CTL are down today also.

4.32-0.36(-7.69%)Feb 8 4:00 PMEST