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  • burnaka Dec 2, 2011 12:53 PM Flag

    FTR moves to Nasdaq? Good move or

    The entry fee a company can expect to pay on the NYSE is up to $250,000 while on the Nasdaq, it is only $50,000-$75,000. Yearly listing fees are also a big factor: on the NYSE, they based on the number of shares of a listed security, and are capped at $500,000, while the Nasdaq fees come in at around $27,500.

    Not sure exactly what ftr pays nyse, but I would bet they will pay a couple hundred thousand less, at least.

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    • It sound like the right move to me if that is the case. Good for Maggie to displey her frugality. It's good for FTR's bottom line. I just hope they do not use the saved cash for managerial bonuses or pay raises. Shareholder's got a bit of a haircut this year. Management should tighten their belt as a show of dedication. The country is suffering, FTR shareholders are bleeding, there will be layoffs upcoming as the purchased properties are gradually being completed. Managerial pay freezes and bonus cuts will save FTR more cash than the switching fronm the NYSE to the NAS. by far. Com'n guys show us how willing your team really is to better FTR's numbers. Your underwater shareholder, FOXY P.S. I have a limit buy order today(at 5.60) to increase my holdings by 5%. GOOD LUCK fellow FTRers, FOXY

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