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  • gotburned26 gotburned26 Oct 18, 2012 8:35 PM Flag

    This Country

    is broke, we don't even have enough gold to back up what we're printing these days. While you think money is good, buy land and start farming. The rich kids today can't find their way anywhere except a bar or their BMW. They will be begging for land to grow their food one day......

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    • Well since this is a down post, I have to comment. Can I way in on another perspective. Farmers. They already get huge amounts of govt subs, they always have, anyway. I've lived and moved about six times, and most of those times have been close [or next to] farm fields. One time I decided to put in a garden, veggies and please don't come near me. However, here comes the john deere. .. Tearing up the land getting closer and closer and even at one point coming onto my property with the sprayer guns. Farmers are not out for your best interest. They will come up all the way to the road if you let them. I'd like to know if RD actually knows what farmers do in some cases or that he just visited.

    • Up until a few months ago I would have argued with you. Since then, I've actually spent a little time on a real working farm of about 800 acres. Its a lot of hard work and long hours in the growing season. The farm I visited grew from 500 acres to 800 but the owner was able to not only pay for his equipment, but he built a house and paid off the farm too in just over 20 years. As the farmer reaches retirement age, he doesn't have to farm anymore. He leases his farm to others and they pay him about $500K per year. Not a bad retirement. Water is the most difficult factor. The water where this farm exists is controlled by the local Indian Nation and they're a much more difficult business partner than the federal government. I believe that land and water will be more important than oil in the next 50 years. We can live without oil, but we need a place to live and without water we won't be living.

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    • I got one word for you - plastics.

    • Your 100% correct. Anarchy in the cities. Safety in the country. Protect yourself.

    • Water, my friend

    • They won't beg to buy land. they will just pay you to grow it.

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