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  • notrevorich notrevorich May 6, 2013 12:29 PM Flag

    Frank the Buffalo , a dumb and endangered species

    What genius decided to use an animal that is so dumb that they would stand still while hunters killed animals next to them. Hey they really missed out could have picked the Dodo bird or the carrier pigeon .. both extinct species.
    Then ftr could have the " is your dsl slow well just wait and go with FTR it will then be "AS DEAD AS A DODO ."

    Also take a look at Franks hooves, they are still covered with manure. You would at least think some one would have the sense to wash the S--t off of them .
    They really screwed up with this one, would have been better if the would have used a tiger or a cougar or even a cheetah . Cheetah being the fastest land animal and a great hunter would be more impressive AND CUTE ( of course they couldn't yet claim blazing fast internet speeds.)
    Even a Bear or a goat( both a whole lot smarter animals) as a spokesperson.
    Just wait for the cable OR Others to choose a Tiger , that should kill and devour poor old dumb as A ROCK Frank. The best place for Frank NOW is in the butcher shop and then on the grill!
    Talk about being the laughing stock on marketing ,only Maggie and company could be so dumb as to choose a slow lumbering beast like a buffalo.
    But I got to hand it to Frank he probably is more truthful than the FTR board and Maggie.

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