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  • owens132000 owens132000 May 6, 2013 5:22 PM Flag


    No matter how you slice it. REVS down, The CEO always has a nack for sugar coating earnings call time after time. Next quater expects same.

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    • She does have a way of making it seem like a turnaround is just next quarter. I will still stick with the following.. nothing major coming either way, range bound 4 to 5 for next year, just sit back and collect the dividend. ftr will slowly progress as they can provide broadband cheaper than cable as they said expect 25% share to slowly increase to 40% share, perhaps 4 years, people will slowly switch with the cheaper offering and ftr will stay in business. nothing spectacular but decent dividend. I would not be surprised to see a purchase of another small network for cheap by year end or so... we shall see.

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      • "nothing major coming either way, range bound 4 to 5 for next year"

        Agree, nothing major came and yet it closes below $4.

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      • Well said. I ran some cash flows projections through 2015. I don't think they can get to 2.5x leverage by the end of 2015...I'm still showing it over 3x. I can't believe no one of the call today asked about leverage. But regardless, net debt should continue to slowly decrease. I expect cash to remain elevated compared to a few quarters ago when it was closer to $300M. They probably won't tender for much more debt because it is already trading well above par. They will book a loss for every bond they have to tender for above par. It doesn't look like the near-term debt maturities are callable. Could a stock buyback be on the table? Probably not, but they continue to generate sizable cash flow in excess of the dividend. I too believe the dividend is safe. If they can continue to slow the rate of revenue declines and maybe even turn positive the stock should creep up. These haters on here seem quite out of touch. I will probably be reinvesting all the dividends.

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