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  • futurelooker futurelooker May 7, 2013 4:06 PM Flag

    Thankyou for 10%

    I'll take that and any higher for a cash cow 3-play entertainment provider.

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    • "Thank You for 10%
      I'll take that and any higher for a cash cow 3-play entertainment provider."

      Hey thank you is two words.

      But you don't have to be able to spell to a stock market Barron like yourself, right?

    • If you were here last year (2012) you might want to look closer at your monthly statements and your 2012 tax form 1099, and take notice of the "Return Of Capital" that everyone "thinks" was part of that 10% "dividend". Also might want to study up on how ROC works - MY interpretation is that the real dividend was/is about 7.5%, and the rest is YOUR OWN money, not taxable for now.....
      "Cash cow"???? I'm not so sure.....
      Whether 2013 "DISTRIBUTION" contains any ROC remains to be seen (next Feb when we get [possibly amended] 1099 from brokers).....
      sorry to be a "wet blanket", but.....

      • 3 Replies to uhlerf
      • Of course, if you DRIP, your ROC simply decreases the basis of the stock you hold. For those of you who purchased your stock two years ago (before its 50% drop in value), and many of you who b*tch about this stock are invested from then (sorry for your loss, but it has nothing to do with those of us who invested aftere the fall), this simply means that your total loss per share is made smaller. For those of us who only invested in FTR since the drop generated by CTL's announcement of cut in dividend in February, like me, this ROC will simply shift the earnings from dividend earninngs in this tax year to capital gains upon eventual sale of the stock. Timing is everything.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • I was here last year; bought many Ks near the bottom and rode up over $4 drawing divs as well taking the gains. Sold all; now getting back in after realizing all the bashing is just a bunch of BS fear generated by the bigmoney shortcro8ks..

      • Seems you are right uhlerf. You must discount ROC when calculating dividends. Thanks for that. OK who here has a good calculator, then. I was using the yield compared to cost basis.

        This is good far as taxes though? I know I paid very little on my 1099 compared to holdings. cd

        Conclusions. from another site [last line]

        Cash flows do not measure income. They measure only cash flows!
        Depreciation, depletion and amortization cannot be ignored as "non-cash expenses". They are valid allocations of a one-time cash flow over the time period that the asset helps generate revenues.
        In the process of normalizing rates of return between different investment opportunities, ROC should not be included in the consideration of 'income' or 'dividends'.

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