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  • stagetec100 stagetec100 Aug 6, 2013 2:24 PM Flag

    Do liberals realize that they will remain in poverty as long as they depend on government handouts?


    They seem content to stay in poverty and draw the little welfare check and food stamps and vote for the Democrats that are helping to keep them right where they are.

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    • BLUF can go to $4 EASILY $2.20 is the momentum trigger and $2.50 is the key BREAKOUT Level

    • Who lives 'on the dole' more than 'the military-industrial complex' that has wanted us in every war since 'The Spanish American'.....including the one after 9/11, incidentally ? And 'agribusiness' with its subsidies to step aside and not even plant.

    • I agree with you 110% my solution is to join them and help them break their own back
      I'll do all they do collect all they collect visit all free food give away and get all medical benefits I can
      put all cash I get in a fake pipe under my home
      their is no way I can make working for $8 a hour what I get for just showing my face and giving my vote
      to left americans leaders

    • I know I should ignore political posts on this or other financial boards, but...
      Red (Republican) states receive a far greater portion of federal largesse than Blue states. So it is save to say it is republican's living on the dole and whining "Cut spending on the other guy".

      • 1 Reply to bwarnteurn
      • "Red (Republican) states receive a far greater portion of federal largesse than Blue states."

        Well, I donno about this "federal largesse" -- Illinois was just sanctioned by the SEC for understating its pension fund liabilities so it could sell more bonds -- they flat out faked it. Chicago's Mayor has said that real estate taxes in Chicago would have to double just to cover the deficit in the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund and that 2x would be a long, long catch up even at that level. The City of Chicago has not made a contribution to the teacher's fund in years because it's running a deficit anyway. Chicago really can't jack up RE tax like that because it would force many small business owners to close shop -- just big box stores would be left.

        You take California -- it's LA and SF that take the state blue. The heartland thru the valleys and Northern CA is Republican. It's the big population areas in most blue states that take the states blue -- there is no way Michigan would be blue without Detroit.

        So you are just trying your own brand of double speak. The cities are where the biggest Fed tax dollars are going for food stamps ,WIC, welfare payments ,rent free public housing, rent subsidies, College tuition subsidies, college loan guarantee write offs, etc. -- all capped off by a Earned Income Tax Credit payment to wage earners who can be single or married that is up to $6k for 3 kids and it phases out at $55k income from all sources -- W2 or self employment income and you can have cap gains and collect it.

        So the state thing is your fig leaf to disguise the biggest wealth transfer from taxpayers to non taxpayers in history. The US has the highest corporate tax rate of any industrial country and it still isn't enough.

        So stop the red state vs blue state bs because we are each as Americans entitled to have our own opinions, just like you. Except your about disguising what is going on.

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