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  • jbdet313 jbdet313 Jan 18, 2002 9:00 PM Flag

    Something to think about

    All of you Wal-Mart shoppers out there:
    If KMart goes down, don't you think Wal-Mart's prices are going to go up?
    If there's no other competition, Wal-Mart will set the prices we'll all pay for the goods we need. And with that "power", they'll be able to force their suppliers (even more than they do now) to continue to drop the prices they supply items at with the huge profit margin going into Wal-Mart's pockets.
    Another point:
    Is it really worth the value of your time plus your gas money to purposely drive an extra couple miles out of your way past a KMart store to go to Wal-Mart to save a few cents on an item? Say that you can save an average 20 cents on common items at WM than at KM. So you buy 10 items ... wow, you've saved $2.00. But I'll bet you spent more than that $2.00 in traffic going to and from WM, as well as the cost of your personal time.
    Competition is a good thing for consumers. Keep KMart alive by supporting it.

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    • That makes sense, what do I do though, I ahve to drive right past a Walmart to get to a K-Mart. Should I pass up the 20 cents and pay the extra in gas?? Maybe I should just shop at the store nthat gives me the best value not necessarily the lowest price. Yeah thats the ticket.