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  • PEBBLEHEAD PEBBLEHEAD Jul 17, 1999 8:43 AM Flag

    will wmt buy me out???

    i just happened to have bought rad a few wks back when it tanked and now there are stories about wmt doing a buy-out.

    more pressure on km to work a deal with swy (or whoever)?

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    • Check out WAG when it pulls back to 25. Sort of in the area you are familiar with. A+ S&P rated... 2/2 Valueline.

    • Check out Medtronic before you dump all medical. Someone needing a pacemaker hardly has time to do price checks --- MDT owns that and ancillary markets. What's the problem with MRK?

    • i recently got into mat, but don't post to that board. if you do, be careful who you talk to over there (or be ready to duck).

    • Thanks for your response. I am investing some extra cash and am trying to do my research. Sort of like Mattel also. I'm forcing myself out of medical stocks. Again thanks and good investing

    • that you are being realistic about KM. If good
      news will not move this stock, what is the first bad
      news going to do? If you have unlimited funds and a
      lot of time this thing may actually get to 20$ but I
      sure as hell would not want to wait that long. Mark my
      words, at the first bad news in earnings this thing is

    • If you want a piddly stock, buy KM. My worst
      stock this year, as measured against initial

      The rah rahs on this board are always jumping through
      hoops over any little news (Halls big buyback for
      example), whatever, and saying this baby is going to fly.
      Hasn't yet. They can criticize Fun, me, whoever, but
      look at the damn tape. If your investing to make
      money, that is where it is at. A sorry recent history,
      and a sorry year to date, unless you are a trader. If
      you traded, you could have made some.

      Why? No
      not perception (does it make any difference). KM has
      made progress, but mostly to the bottom line. Less
      debt, etc. Recent improvement in earnings has mostly
      been due to this end, not to growth and not due to
      improvement in operating efficiencies. The market doesn't
      give much of a forward looking PE for this kind of
      action, as it has limits. They want to see improvement in
      efficiencies, and sales growth, mainly expansion of stores.

      Technicals of the stock have since middle of March went
      totally to pot. Stock has been under severe distribution,
      during that time, recently leveled off, but under
      distribution again the last week or two. Last 2 weeks
      (approx.) generally steady down. Slow death spiral type of
      motion. Bad. About as bad as any time this year. Given
      recent peak of market, no hope soon. Expect it to
      continue dribbling down to 15. Really frustrating type of

      Would I buy now? No. I'm in and staying
      in until next earnings release (about mid August).
      Seems worth it. I believe this report to be critical
      and set the tone for rest of the year. If it is a
      good one, the stock will probably slowly turn the
      other way. But I don't expect it to pop, even if it is
      really good. Just too much to hope for, with this one,
      and the stock has went to pot so bad technically it
      will take time to rebuild itself. A couple of months
      as I see it. I'm only cautiously optimistic about
      the earnings release. Again, just to much to hope for
      given past history.

      There is potential here,
      however, but one has to be extremely patient. If KM
      executes (????), I would expect better things for the
      stock late this year, and next. If you are real
      interested watch the tape closely. News of earnings usually
      is leaked. If this one starts up in a few weeks, it
      might be a precursor. But you don't have to fire the
      first shot. Be patient.

      If I can make a few
      bucks soon, I'm probably out anyway. I don't believe
      the upward potential to be anything speedy. There are
      seemingly better opportunities, MO, elsewhere. I don't
      believe Hall is buying back either. If he was KM would
      not still be under distribution. I presently believe
      it less than 50/50 KM can afford it (the buyback),
      more than 50/50 just hot air to appease the poor
      pitiful longterm shareholders.

      Not real hep am I?
      Been here for 6 plus months now, watched the tape the
      whole way. The story this year, since I've been in, is
      real sorry. Again real sorry. No one can deny that
      either. Roaring economy, good economy for retailers,
      roaring market ... but nothing given to KM. NOTHING.

      Just my opinions.

    • at an obscure but worhtwhile web site:

      Check it out. You won't be sorry and maybe buy more.

    • My first suggestion is to read as many posts as
      you can on this baord. You will have to go through a
      lot of fluff, but will uncover some valuable
      information down the line. Focus on nspolar's and Bottom's
      posts. They try to maintain objectivity. There are
      others who also provide good value but nspolar and
      Bottom seem to provide a good comprehensive analysis.
      Check with the various rating entities for their
      opinions, but remember, free analysis may be old
      information. Analysts don't get paid by the general public to
      research out companies. They first take care of their
      paying customers. My posts basically focus on what KM
      has done in the past as opposed to what they will do
      in the future. I believe they need to break the 1.75
      per share mark to get the attention of the street. We
      soon shall see if they succeed. Good Luck.

    • I've just come to this board recently myself. I
      have "kind of" been following KM for awhile. Looks
      like the worst is over and that KM will survive.
      Sounds like they are starting to look for growth.
      Recently they announced a 1 billion dollar stock buy back.
      To me, that means little downside risk. Looks like a
      buy around 15. Maybe 10 to 15 points up in the mid
      term. Personally, I'm looking more to trade it 15-17.
      It will be interesting to see where the price goes
      if the markets sell off the next couple of days. I
      haven't heard anything bad about KM for quite some time
      now. Seems like a resonable buy.

    • Besides, when have you ever posted anything of
      value? Opinions with out data to support them are
      worthless. I focus on the really financially astute posters.
      We all know who they are on this thread. The rest of
      the posts are read merely for the entertainment value
      provided, nothing else. You can attack me all you want but
      the facts do not lie and I will be damned if I will
      let a few posters who cannot put together a logical
      arguement get to me on this board. This is their mode of
      operendi; personnal attacks. They know my facts cannot be
      refuted. This baord needs a reality check and I will
      provide it from time to time.


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