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  • kmsport kmsport Aug 26, 1999 2:15 AM Flag

    The internet and K-Mart

    Why doesn't K-Mart take advantage of the internet
    to boost store sales and expand merchandise. Offer
    products for sale on the internet then allow the customer
    to pick them up at their local KM when they arrive
    there. Now I'm not talking about beans and peas but
    specialty items. We could expand our product line without
    having to ship in tons of merchandise then placing items
    up for sale in ads. We could offer the best prices,
    and give excellent customer service without having to
    hire more employees or increase floor selling space.
    Damn I'm a genious.

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    • not a bad yearly net---and they are paying their rent--i think they are doing just fine

    • <EOM>

    • The whole sector is in the crapper right
      In another few weeks..after the penguins have

      accummulated their share they will discover
      again...and off we go............


    • When we are done converting all stores to
      SuperKM's we plan on converteing all 2400 stores to new
      "Super-Duper KM's" don't tell WM! (this will take another 3
      years, and I don't want to publicize what will happen
      after the "Super-Duper KM's" are completed. How does
      the "Really Super-Duper KM's" sound? We're pilot
      testing this concept in secret areas as we speak, we've
      not used their real name though, even I don't know
      their name. By the way, I think many of you would get a
      kick out of who I am in "real life", I'm pretty
      important, just ask me. Where have I heard that?

    • At the end of this year when all KM's have been
      converted to
      Big KM's will we embark on a 3 year plan
      to revamp the revamped stores over to Super KM's?
      Sounds like another 3 years added onto the current 3
      year turn around plan!!! But seriously, I hate KM's
      stock price at these levels, I've taken a bath. But,
      Flyod Hall has put together 13 straight quarters of
      increased earnings. Thats a pretty good string. Thay must
      be doing something right. Am I also wrong if the
      economy faulters or slows, where do people go to shop,
      they still shop, they just move from the higher,
      upscale stores to the discounters like KM don't they?
      Isn't this a long term win/win? And I want to know why
      if the are 494 million shares outstanding and only
      1.3 million shares trade in a day this can affect the
      price so dramatically? Seems like such a small % of
      outstanding shares. Maybe these are just hpeful thought of a
      blind investor. By the way who said the end of this
      week would be strong? That crystal ball seems a little

    • WHY in the world would there not be morale
      issue-stock is really driving value since K's last ingenius
      org -reorg-rereorg plan. Super K is now gone-a great
      job by Larry and Frank-and though the K image may be
      better, store ops and out of stocks still are as bad as
      they were 5 years ago. Truth is, it is no better and
      both the market and potential buyers see that. And, oh
      yea-the associates see it too. Still living in a
      puzzlement in Troy-wonder how long it can feed off itself
      before it gets to $10 ?

    • There will be no buyout any time soon. It seems
      everytime KMart's stock price starts to sink, the buyout BS
      If a stockholder only out is a Buyout, he/she
      dosen't belong owning the stock. Particually in KMart's
      case. With its several thousand stores and headaches up
      the gadzoo, only a few
      companies could entertain
      the thought, and nobody wants this dog.

      truth is KM is far away from a turnaround, and you guys
      are much better of selling.

    • No one in there right mind would pay $30 for this stock. $15 maybe and that's about the max.

    • I totally agree. Someone is going to gobble this
      baby up at these prices. May not close for 30 per
      share, but will be alot more than 13.5. I expect to see
      a buyer step up within 6-12 months. Floyd has no
      choice but to sell. He cant turn it around thats for
      sure now. His only hope to cash in is to sell.

    • Everyone on this board is so negative. Kmart has
      come along way if you look back 3 years ago. Yet, mark
      my words, if your short this stock or this market
      you will GET BURNED!! The bulls run Wallstreet. So
      Kmart stock is off a few points. Big deal! Believe me,
      K mart will be bought out. As competition becomes
      fierce, retailers will have to conselidate. At these
      levels, K mart is a STEAL. Buyout at 30/share & laughing
      all the way to the bank$$$$

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