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  • axzl axzl Aug 26, 1999 8:04 AM Flag

    The internet and K-Mart

    like a great idea; but could you explain the advantage of buying on the'net and then going to the store to pick up the purchase over just going to the store and buying the item? What am I missing?

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    • We could offer some large items on line. Example;
      we sell a small trailer that takes up a considerable
      amount of space. Why not offer that as an internet
      purchase, then it could be shipped to the store within a
      few days. We could have a computer in the store for
      customers to use who do not have one. What we do now is
      archaic and not cost effective. We have 4 of these
      trailers in the store taking up space. We are even renting
      a trailer to store three of them. One is on display
      outside; it is weathering very nicely. We also have a tarp
      carport that has no place to be displayed except on an
      end cap. I firmly believe that end caps should be
      used for sales merchandise not as a storage space for
      excess freight. This company has to begin to think
      creatively or Wal-Mart will be eating our lunch. That is
      what my posts have been all about. Ever heard of Roses
      stores. They are still in business but just barely.
      Wal-Mart and K-Mart killed them. Hills department store is
      another that got crushed. Wal-Mart has the muscle, we
      must have the brains.

      • 2 Replies to kmsport
      • I appreciate your posts. The main problems with
        K-Mart is service and managment. I'm sorry to say (you
        being a km employee) that most km managers, assistant
        managers, etc... have no initiative, pep, smarts that WMT
        employees have. Generally speaking WMT employees would
        succeed in other positions, where KM employees are plain
        simple lacking. WMT employees are alert and helpfull.
        Ask a k-mart MANAGER where something is, and I get a
        blank stare on his face. Why should some shop at KM?
        Most of the time they are out of stock. My wife is
        tired of going to ours, they never have what she wants.
        Could you imagine that KM (in out city) didn't have a
        cooler or any lunch boxes for my kids.

        Now this
        is at the bottom level. The upper managment is

        KM at $10 before $15.

      • Wal-mart is already eating(actually has already
        ate most of)K-marts lunch, dinner and breakfast.
        K-mart stock has little in the way of technical support
        until it hits 11. Someone on CNBC this morning answered
        a call-in on KM and said thats not where you want
        to be for a retailing stock. K-mart as a stand alone
        company faces a very tough battle to even stay where they
        are, let alone make any advances. They cannot spend
        the resources necessary to get themselves current
        technologically and their inventory is old and out of date in
        alot of stores. Little to no prospects at any serious
        growth, may be able to book-keep themselves a small
        profit for awhile, but will not be able to sustain them
        long-term. Good luck to anyone owning this "value", hope i'm
        wrong for your sake!