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  • dygynomi dygynomi Feb 18, 2011 12:13 AM Flag

    Good time to get in HGG?

    What do you guys think this stock will do in the next 6-12 months? has

    86% rating on it going up to $31,
    17% going to 19.50, and
    8$ going to $18.00

    It seems to be a good time to get in being that it's at its 52week low.
    Thanks in advance!

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    • not really, that's why is nice to have 'choices' when selecting a retailer. but those that do not operate in the best interest of the consumer, will die. that's why I do not think the compensation system that HGG uses will position them for success.

    • But that's all American business is now anyway. Screw the customer over. It's like that more than ever. Sell them too much insurance, too expensive a car, too many dental fixes. It's all about cheating people.

    • Having a system that compensates the Sales Counselors based on gross margin might be a differentiator, but it would be on the negative side. This exact system is what has killed many retailers. The Sales Counselors end up doing things to customers that are not in their best interests, they are things that benefit the salesperson.

    • Anyone can say "dis, dis, dis", or call a rational argument for a bull-case, diatribe. Of what value have you added to the board here other than to say "dis, dis, dis" and "terrible-terrible-terrible"!

      Where are your numbers, other than some quarter-over-quarter negative comps? Where are your "down-ward price-points"? How much do you see revenue declining this year? How much do you see the comps declining further this year?

      No, I can heed the advice of a good bear, but when someone that only advises blanket, "un-differentiated business model bear cries" without any real evidence to back-it-up, I will stop paying attention to the advice and realize it's just "bear-poop".

      I even get the feeling that you maybe worked or have some kind of "foul relationship" with this entity; It's obvious in your postings.

      BTW, I already pointed-out how their business model is differentiated. Instead of countering with a fact-based rebuttal, all you can come-up with is that you can buy everything they sell everywhere else!

      Well heck, I can buy everything McDonalds sells everywhere else too; I can buy everything Ford sells everyplace too! I can buy everything Family-Dollar, Dollar-General, Dollar-Tree, and Fred's sells everywhere else too!

      Again, I good bear-point-of-view can be wise medicine, but an "old-crank" dishing-out failure notices is just that!

      I will caution investors/traders that we are in a "distribution phase". The accumulation-buy phase was from essentially 11/08 to the highs of 4/5/6/2010. What you want to look for now are keep points of support.

      I have my ideas, but anyone who can look at a chart could/can surmise.

      PS: Nothing personal btw.

    • nice diatribe, but when you look at HGG without any bias, all you see is a non-dfferentiated retailer - they do not sell anything that you cannot buy at other competing retailers, that has a high-cost model, and depend on the Sales Associates to add tremendous value - and the compensation system of these Sales Associates is not in sync with the customer - their comp depends on selling items with more margin - whether that is in the customers best interests or not.

    • i've got HGG on my watch list.

      i like that they are trying to go from a small regional player to a national player. you could argue that they could grow revenue by a factor of 10x+ if they open enough stores

      i don't like that negative comp sales. need to dig into this some more and see if i can find the true driver

      i like that they don't have much debt, but at the same time, they don't have a ton of cash.

      i get the feeling that their stores have a low end feel to them, more comp usa than best buy quality. i live a few miles from a one of the new chicago area stores, so i will be checking that out once it's open. sort of interesting that they are putting it right across the street from best buy.

      i really don't like that the stock is down 20%+ this year.

      once the local store is open and i can check them out i will make my decision.

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      • Hi,

        Well, the chart "blew today", imo; I lightened my load, simply b/c I can't find any support for this stock-security.

        I don't have time to mention all the "pluses-vs. minuses" of this Co.; It's indeed a mixed-bag in a very crowded market; Hoever, I have done DD here in Memphis, and they employees I talked with are "big on their business"; Actually, the store here at Wolfchase is the #10store over-all in sales; Maybe it's not the best to judge the over-all Co. by, but the sentiment is, if you want the lowest price without all the clutter, this is the place to come.

        Yeah, they are expanding nationwide; Yes, their comps were down 6% from last quarter. I could go on-and-on. I say the negatives are about even with the positives. On a financial basis, BBY is cheaper to own, imo.

        Yet I still like this Co., want to see it do well, and it's exciting to be at the forefront of national expansion; I think they can shore-up their comps, and bottomline is that they are profitable, just less than evisioned earlier in the year.

        I wouldn't be surprised if we hit $16 or slightly below; Anyone see ANY support for this stock, now that we've breached the $16.40-level? Would have been awesome support from the 11/'09 timeframe, now I'm lost as to where this hits-bottom. It's a volatile stock too, and the short-interest is super-duper, last count at 49% from the previous month's 55%! Shorts aren't dumb, b/c it takes more homework to short this stock than it does to be long, imo. Yet, this stock is worth something, and in its downtrend of late, it will find a bottom at a level fairly soon, imo!

        Anyone with some opinions over where the bottom might be, or even where support could be now that we've fallen through key support levels?


        PS: No spell-check or proof-read!

    • Seems like a good entry.

      I have an order in for 14.44.

3.35-0.11(-3.18%)Jul 31 4:02 PMEDT