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  • nichoparks nichoparks Sep 6, 2012 1:53 PM Flag

    help hhgregg, cripple Amazon

    Amazon has a 9% price advantage because the Amazon customer does not pay sales tax. Correct this inequity by writing your senator and congressman. Have them support the Market Place Equity Act in the Senate, and the Market Place Fairness act in the House. Google "your senator" and "your Congressman " for their addresses.

    Our political system rewards those who know how the system works.

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    • I don't have a problem with not collecting state tax as long as the company doesn't have a brick and mortar presence in the state. It's been that way long before Amazon was formed. Texas recently started collecting tax on in-state Amazon orders because of a distribution center in north Texas. I thought Amazon rolled over too easily. They probably could have negotiated a tax deal with Oklahoma and moved the center. HGG has the same advantage in states where it doesn't have a presence. That should be a fundimental part of decisions about where to site stores and the relative importance of the web based segment of their business. By the way, I think HGG's web site is pretty good. I especially like the product demo videos.

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      • Hard to understand how a bricks and mortar retailer is expected to pay real estate taxes, payroll taxes, income taxes - and yet an online retailer pays zippo. I think it should be exactly the opposite - bricks and mortar retailers get a pass on sales taxes (still pay all the other taxes) and online retailers have to pay a sales tax.

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