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  • B1G_BROTHR B1G_BROTHR Oct 27, 2002 3:36 PM Flag

    Bring back Stagflation!

    Voye for Mondale

    That was the major accomplishment of the Carter-Mondale team wasn't it? Or was it supporting Castro by allowing him to empty all his prisons onto the streets of Miami?
    Maybe it was allowing the Ayatiollah Khomeni to take the American embassy staff hostage? Allowing the cmmunists to overthrow the government in Angola? Giving away the Panama canal?

    Gosh, those guys had so many achievements it's hard to pick just one!!

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    • i see a run up to eleven by monday.

    • Agreed.

    • I agree with you my Greek friend.

      What are you going to add to the discussion of CNP? Will it go up? Will it go down? Will they maintain the dividend? Will they come up with the $400 million before the November deadline?

      That kind of sums it up doesn't it?

      Frankly, I like listening to the political diabribe from both sides instead of discussing bullshit about CNP ad nauseam.

    • Can you all take this off-line and go over to some political board?!? What does this all have to do with CNP? At least keep an OT (Off Topic) in your headers so everyone can skip your messages. If you never plan on making any contribution to CNP, let everyone know so we can put you on ignore.

    • P.S. I wrote that message in a rush and did not stop to proofread or anything. No, I would not say that Afghanistan is "free" in the general sense of the word. They have a long way to go.

      But they ARE out from under the thumb of Bin Laden and the Taliban. That is a sizable accomplishment.

      People often have a problem of letting the "perfect" be the enemy of the simply "good". It is tragic when someone disrespects many good things because they do not live up to the ideal of perfection.

      Regards -- C44

    • Tell the truth, sir!

      >>War on terroism D- Terrorism running rampant

      To that I reply that Afghanistan is free, Bin Laden is most likely dead, and the terrorists' networks are damaged. Like the Mafia it won't go away overnight, but you can f*** with them until they are no more.

      (About the language: I seldom use profanity but when you talk about war, it is appropriate and carries a message. War is crude, at least much of it is, and does not deserve elegant language to describe it.)

      >>Tax reduction D- only wealthy partisipated

      I know for a fact this is wrong. What you mean to say is the people who pay no taxes did not enjoy a gimme out of this. Every taxpayer who earns enough to pay some income tax, got a new 10% tax rate which means $500 net in the pockets of most taxpayers. Plus several credits have been expanded.

      What??? You say $500 is beneath contempt? To that I say you have a thinking problem.

      I don't mind that you dislike GWB, I just have a problem with you telling the truth about him.

      Regards -- C44

    • Not much has changed then-The attude has always been that I'd rather be an unemployed union worker than be employed. It's a shame that although portsmouth has everything going for it in terms of transportation, power, a workforce and could have attracted plants like honda or toyota-the sad truth is that within a couple of years the same old crap would drive them elsewhere.

    • Portsmouth Ohio is somewhat economically depressed since the best paying jobs in the area were in the manufacturing area, which has been hit hard in the last two years. The city council members use their positions to prevent new businesses from coming into the area and competing with their existing businesses. A very short-sighted policy.

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