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  • hot_glass hot_glass Apr 25, 2007 1:26 PM Flag

    Why buy now?

    I've been done my DD, most financials look good, however w/ recent new high for the year is it time really time to buy?
    Looks like earnings due in May will be good, however 2nd qtr. earnings won't be as great.

    S&P has a sell rating on CNP now - so what gives?

    Anyone care to respond that is just not one of the cheerleaders? (Sorry cheerleaders, that the way the messages look to me.)

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    • I am a retired investor. My investments provide a livelhood. Currently I hold over 10000 shares of CNP. This is one of the best companies to hold for growth and income. The only reason it is below 20 is due to stock market manipulation. I recommend a strong buy and hold.

    • I am a retired investor. My income and financial future depend on how what, when and how I buy. I recommend CNP to anyone as a premierf investment. Pay no heed to most investemet advice, a sham. This is the best issue in its field today. I own aprox. 100000 shares, on hold now. This issue should be over 20 now. The reason it is held back is because of stock market manitulation, only.

    • I bought because the technicals looked good. I just looked at the chart. The Accumulation/Distribution line has a nice upward angle to it with Efficient movement. The price also recently broke throught key resistance at 18.26 and is not just the 52 week high, but the highest high since May 2002. That's one hell of a trend. A lot stronger than just a 52 week high. Now if the stock punches through 20.33 to close the 2002 gap it's gone to reach years ago highs. Look at the weekly chart. I've been in and I'm staying in.

    • Two reasons:
      1. dividends
      2. CNP is in a stable industry, and provides a much needed commodity (electricity transmission and natural gas) to a region of the country where the economy is still growing.
      I don't expect the stock price to shoot up as it did in the past 12 months, but slow and steady growth in earnings and dividends will work for retired people like me.

      Of course if we have a buy-out, that would change everything. But don't buy expecting it. You'd be speculating, not investing.

      Good Luck.

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      • S&P's rating on CNP is due to the debt to equity levels CNP carries on its balance sheet. Until CNP makes serious dents in its debt load, S&P's rating will remain what it is.

        However, I would not bank on S&P's rating.

        The previous poster is absolutely correct about CNP's movement. It's moved slowly from 13 to 19 in about a year or less; despite several downgrades and is still moving north toward the 20's. Also keep in mind that the downgrades were without merit.

        This Bronco is a buy and a safe play.

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