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  • ibmwatcher ibmwatcher Apr 6, 2011 11:30 PM Flag

    I came here an hour ago

    Nobody likes you - get the message??? Grow up and stop stalking!!!

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    • You give your self recos (thumbs up) for stupid remarks. I know you to be a liar. Now give me 12 thumbs down ibmwatcher to boost your ego.

    • Not sure I'm "stalking" because the very idea of cyber-stalking makes little sense. Like what's the threat?

      Anyhow radar makes a point linking the thread from QTWW to here. It may be circumstantial evidence but the 11:27 am to 09:47 pm 10 hours lull in messages here, went on to a post frantic lovefest for you. This isn't anything about CPN, I have no opinion. What is more than interesting is the 15 to 17 star making machine that exists after radar posted. For me that circumstantial evidence is, in fact evidentiary. You either have quite the number of sign-on pages to self recommend, like 16 or 18. And that opens the possibility that you have well over 110 screen names. I don't believe it conincidental all these truly seperate people/identites just showed up after a 10 hour lull. The other possibility, you have all these friends and contacted them to post here, like really? I'm linking this reply back to QTWW, FYI.

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