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  • mportz2000 mportz2000 Feb 18, 2005 12:42 AM Flag

    Flexsteel message board

    Ms. Moron,

    Almost forgot, a big thanks for telling me you didn't know Fred Melloy. I asked that question to "boxcarr" on the Flex board". NOT YOU. Are you really this stupid or is your brain frying on one of the drugs I use to take? Maybe booze. "Take another shot of courage".

    You are truly the definition of the word saprogenic. Bet you'll need to check it out in the dictionary. I'm assuming you can remember where you put yours. I think you might wanna check your as_hole. It's (the dictionary) right next to your brain. I figured you'd forget.

    You are now going on "ignore this moron". That way if you reply I will not be massaging your mashochistic tendencies. Find another way to "get-off".

    You definetly need a check up from the neck up. Pray for brain transplants in your lifetime. That is if you don't find "ignorance to be bliss". Hell it could be your salvation. You'll never know!

    Your superior,

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