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  • stackmancrouthers stackmancrouthers Feb 20, 2005 12:05 AM Flag


    Are we reading the same board? I havn't seen anybody disrespect her in a month or so. Why don't you address the question to those who disrespected her. There really wern't that many people to my reccolection. For sure Clearcutcrystal was the most disrespectful. Why don't you ask her, or if you work for Shelby maybe try asking your coworkers.

    I'm curious as to why it's so interesting. Are you a close or not so close friend? You know if memory serves your the person who has complained in the past about peope bashing each other on this line. It seems like your trying to stir something up. Am I correct. What is your intend. It seems your doing just what you've complained about in the past.

    Hope my message doesn't offend you but I think after what you've posted in the past, it deserves an honest reply. I feel we are all responsible for what we post.

    Shooting Straight,
    The Stackman

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    • My "board name" refers to what I feel the Falcon people represent....a cancer that won't go away, and can't seem to be cured. Very similar to yourself who isn't happy unless he thrashing, swearing, berating and threatening people. You sound like an insecure person who beats his woman, kicks his dog and blames all his problems on drugs and alcohol. Yours go much deeper, man, and you need serious help!!!!! My name is Jerry, by the way.

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      • Headcase,

        On the FLEX board you asked me to call you. I did 5 minutes after you posted. You wouldn't pick up. You have my phone numbers which I asked you to call. You didn't. You have not made one statement about fcp nor FLEX business. You say I swear and other then ahole & bullsh_t, well that's the closest I've come. I have never blamed any problem in my life on alcohol or drugs,EVER. They were brought up by others and I simply stated my honest history and experience.

        With the exceptions of "combover koller, sissy steve cohen, frankie jacobs and buddy price, I have never "berated" anyone on either board who has not attacked me, my family or friends on this board unless they have supplied what I positively know to be intentional misinformation or have blatently lied.

        I have challenged, not "threatened", michael the coward jacobs in retaliation to his many personnal slurs, several times. I have responded to your challenges posted on the FLEX board. I have gave both of you my phone numbers and email address in the hopes that we could settle our differences off the boards and not waste everybodies time. I called you upon your request and you so far have refused to pick up your or return my call.

        I have never taken a step back from anyone in my entire life who has initiated confrontation with me. I'm not going to start now. I do have an excellent record for ending the confrontation.

        No one who has ever known me thinks I'm insecure. Quite the opposite. But maybe their wrong and your correct. I can tell how intelligent you are.

        What's your last name senior bullcocca? I'd like to put your in my address book. Oh and why waste other posters time. Do you crave the attention. You could call me. I guess you prefer hiding in cyberspace. It appears your annominity gives you courage you never have before enjoyed.

        None of the fcp people have personally attacked, berated or theatened you. Our discussion, which you innitiated, was on the FLEX board. But you thought it neccessary to come on this fcp board so you could personally attack and berate them. I guess it's your need for attention. If you find it on the boards I reckon you've had very little in your personal life.

        By the way I have never laid a violent hand on a woman nor a dog. I have on other big mouthed bullies. It's been a few years but I'm still healthy and would come out of retirement if you would like to give me the opportunity. My cell phone is (702) 501-9551 and my email is What's yours? We could play unless your big talk no action. I'd be happy to fly to your location.

        Take your meds, grow-up, get a job and find a life. I'll be waiting for your promised call or email but I am giving odds you don't.

        Hypocrite, bully, loser, coward, blowhard, nothing and nobody are what comes to mind when I read your post.

        Now how does it feel to be "berated" and put in your well deserved place pmljll or whatever your real non-creative idenity is. Your going on to my "ignore this moron" filter. You could also put me on "ignore". That is unless you find my messages interesting.

        Now go cuddle up to your mommy and explain why you were late getting home from your masochist club "12 step" meeting.

        If your looking for your foot, it's in your mouth moron. If your looking for your testacles, you can't find what you don't have.

        My name is Mike" Portz. I'm proud to post my full name. Reckon your not. Why are you ashamed of it?

        It's time for you to "put up, or shut-up". Go back to your hole sewer mind.

        Mike Portz

        Cell (702) 501-9551 Just to make sure you have no excuses punk.

        By the way a vast majority of posters are not "Falcon people" but proud Shelby Williams people who spent many years at the apex of their industry.