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  • manymoonsagointn manymoonsagointn Aug 30, 2005 6:18 PM Flag

    You're Right.....OBVIOUS

    One twenty seven, one thirty eight.....anyone want to go for one forty?

    Let's take one moment to remember all those who have suffered in the recent Hurricane. Also, let's remember all those who have suffered at the hands of Frank Jacobs and his henchmen. If "smarty pants" wants to comment about it, go for it. I have no...repeat...NO SYMPATHY for any of the crooks.

    There is larceny in the heart of every businessman....face it....but, when it comes to the Falcon bunch, (who happen to be HEARTLESS) it runs in the bloodstream, too. I'm sure even Manny has pulled off some near-criminal deals over the past 50 years...and lived to tell of it....but what the Falconites have done over the past 5 years deserves hard time at Attica. And, those who have slept with the enemy deserve the same justice....and a good flea bath.

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    • Helloo...... When the board gets quiet it means one of two things. Nothing is going on, or something is going on.

      Heard mixed "reviews" of the H.D. Boutique..... good show, lots of traffic, moderately successful show, slow traffic. The Shelby booth was "blah", or the Shelby booth was too "pastel"..... either way.... it didn't reach out and "grab" anyone.

      Cohen and Cutie Pie were there....what a COINCIDENCE!!!! Both at the same time!!!!! Go figure!! In Morristown, things are just cooking along day to day. This company has more lives than Methusila's house cat!!!!

      So....have the charges by the SEC been dropped? Has Frank escaped the guillotine once again? Did any of the vendors receive their payments? Are the hurricanes and gas shortages going to screw the hospitality industry over the next year or so???? What do you 'expert's' say?????

    • I, too, attended the HD Show last week and my impression is in total disagreement of yours. I found nothing positive regarding the Shelby booth and found it to be quite embarassing for those working it! Not only did the Booth sign appear as a "rush job" from the local photocopy store, the textiles were as drab as drab could be.

      The year's events appeared to have taken their toll on the management who manned the booth, and I was shocked to see how disheveled Steve Cohen appeared. The only sign of relief, pun intended, is that the Shelby Williams name was posted and not Falcon's.

      Based upon the vast expertise of those who read and post on this Board, I would like to pose a question: Who do you see as the emerging leaders to pick up where Shelby has left off. I am not referring to the obvious such as Gasser and MTS, but rather those who stand out in terms of Quality Wood Seating, Fully Upholstered, and Outdoor Furnishings. Does anyone know of DOR-VAL? They appear to be the key player in Canada and are making a strong headway into the US market.

      Feedback appreciated!

    • Well,

      I was there at the show. It was a very very fine and define show. You just knew Frank and son would not show. And Steve Choen the full tradwind of a lad was there with all his girth and weight prancing around as if he was looking for the "missing inventory."

      I did talk to Jerry Peterson who on a good day makes about as much sense as Michael J. Surprizingly I ran into Crystal, who looked like some one rode her hard and put her away wet. Could that some one be Steve Choen or Mack the knife?

      I talked to Bobby Dewhurst, of Chastaine, and the rest of the fellaas. The SW booth looked good and Stan's Blue Leaf just keeps on rolling up the homeruns. I even saw Vic Cerene who Stan dug up from his grave to be at the show. He was dressed like the clown he is. I didn't have a chance to talk to him, but it just seems some people just don't know when to say when.

      Some giant of an executive says that the financial people are going to put more money into Falco and keep it afloat for another couple of years. Also I have to admit that the Shelby group looked real upbeat and alive. Maybe it was a good thing that Frank was relieved of his command like that FEMA jerk.

      Oh Kay gang, the show was a success and so was Shelby's booth. I must say Gary and Greg looked great and confident, so who am I to say "man over board."

      3 thumgs up for the Shelby gang. 4-thumbs up for the Blue leaf gang, and remember, never say it's over until the fat lady Desiree Clawson sings.

      Chow baby, on to the next show.

    • The HD Show has come and gone. Anything new to allow by those who attended? All I have heard that attendance was good the first day, moderate the second day, but over all a "good" show.

      Did Steve Cohen attend? I'm sure Frank or Michaed weren't there. Hope to hear soon.

    • ed." This is an exceptional observation! Simply genius! This must equate to Frank J., David M. and Steve C. can't spell. It must mean that Mike Portz is not really Mike Portz.
      I'll be damned.
      I HATE to admit it but Mike was right again. Sherman is "passtheexlaxplease". It's the same old say-nothing, knock everybody approach! It's really funny. "You can run but you cannot hide!" Your definiely still the coward. Still totally negative, inaccurate and with nothing new to contribute. Still harping on trivial subjects like spelling. I guess this is your claim to fame. It must make you feel as if you fit in because you have nothing else to contribute. It did take you quite awhile to muster enough gumption to come back on.
      "I know I'll probably be "blasted". You say this for every one of your many idenities. Usually just before you make another change. Mike was again correct when he said you were keeping your messages short so none of us would figure out you are one and the same. He identified you even when you just said a few words. A couple of sentences. My hat is off to him. I really thought he was incorrect.
      We both have your number. I have to admit that even though your a negative and lying asshole, I do feel sorry for you. You want to be accepted so... badly! You just can't fit in. It's easy to ascertain you've had this same problem throughout your life.
      My question to you "Mr. Mike" is do you think that passtheexlaxplease / shermanmarcheson is also the same spasdick that identifies themself as new_york_standard & cheeseburgeretc? I'm assuming everybody knows these 2 are the same idenity because it is so obvious that it seems like this guy aims for us all to know. All four identities display the same boring methods of thought.
      This message board can be quite hilarious at times. However I regret to say it is becoming quite mundane. I give little attention to it of late.
      Sister Bertha your message to the imbecile from the Flexsteel Board was right on. The dude is "looney toons". "Mr. Mike" gets right under his skin.
      Mike please call me when you arrive home.

    • Moon man, enjoyed your post. First let me say that falcon has left in personnel the inferior bottom of the basket.

      We all know what we have lost in the factory because of the trio of JACOBS, MORELEY & COHEN. They knew nothing about talent and how they got the job done.

      In sales, either everyone left or was fired who knew how to get the job done. The people who had the confidence and respect of the clients, are all gone and as I said the inferior third stringers that never brought in the profits are left.

      Mr. sometimes (I think I know) Sumner has closed plant Two, & Three, and now only has plant One in Morristown and the "Garage," in Newport. So he continues the fiasco of Jacobs, Moreley, & Cohen who are the 3-Stooges. I Guess when Sometime Sumner closes those two entities then he will fullfill his plan for Falcon.

      On another note, I understand the Blue Leaf formed by Stan (the man ) Shockley and Manny (I know everything about this business), hired all the ex-shelby great sales people and are just rolling up the orders. Shove that up your ass hole Mr. Sometime Sumner!

      When Mr. Sometime Sumner closes all the plants and begins to import all five items from his new catalog, he will gross $10 million and net $1 million. He can then claim victory, but it will take about a hundred years for the OAKTREE/WHIPPERWILL people to get all their money back. And yes the jerks at L&L that gave Frank $135 million a month before Falcon belly upped, should be happy with their big right-off.

      Shelby Williams will be at the show. I'm sure that the three Amigos and Sometime Sumner will be there too. And of course that long lone drink of water, Rick Dawson will be there. He can tell us all how much money Oaktree/Whipperwill has and how Shelby will survive, visa vee his great letter.

      I have never seen such a fiasco in my entire life. Inferior people, inferior product, and inferior logic. Steve Cohen, my main man, time for another letter to the office dealers about too much bad press and how you all got the computer system to work.

      See you all at the show and whatch how the three amigos all move together like a herd of sheared sheep.

    • Sherm....there's a "t" in correctly.

      Now that we've all had our spelling lessons, let's get to the nitty gritty. Is Shelby going to be represented at the HD Boutique in Miami? What products? Bases.....new Chinese samples....or the same tired stuff? How many sales people will be there? What about the Cohen (and has he had the blue suit pressed?). Since there are very few salespeople left ... I don't foresee a great exhibition or representation in the Falcon/Shelby booth. AC, MTS, Virco, Flexsteel, Daniel Paul, Gasser.....that's a different story. They're pulling out all the stops to pick the bones while they can. I too feel Shelby will limp along for a while longer, then give up the ghost to the ones who know HOW TO PRODUCE AND SELL furniture and GIVE GOOD CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. That's the bottom line. Make sure the customer is satisfied with the product and service....at any cost!! There is nothing more frustrating than trying to check on status of an order and getting an answering machine...and no call backs or answers. That's what the Shelby/Falcon customers have run into for the past few years. Is it any wonder the buyers look elsewhere?

      A good VP over sales would have figured that out, but Mr. Cohen was too busy diddling where he shouldn't, and running around with his face buried in Frank's rear end.

    • Well Sherm it is indeed obvioius that Birtha works on the Newport side of the coin. They never really had anyone with any ability and now we know why. They don't have any intelligence either.

      Sherm, she probably takes her lunch break from screwing up the orders to eat her apple and read her comic books.

      I guess they don't use words like: due, too, would in the comic books she reads. And to the masses out there all I can personally say about the subject is; "give the customers what they want, when they want it, at a competitive price. We are vertically integrated and will take advantage of economies of scale. We will increase market share since we are a global company that is the leader in the hospitality and lodging industry we serve."

      And please people don't forget the Cohen; "we will be the leader in the fully upholstered markets within six months.

      Too bad we don't have Frank around with his great vision. But we do have the Cohen who can fill his vacant gap. So much for great managers and their expertise.

    • Birtha: You are obviously such an "intelligent", articulate Southern Belle..... with your "wood" and "wood".... duhh.. Only because of your inept spellings of simple things do I doubt everything you post.....and I know I will be "blasted" for it....but, hey, if you can't separate the simplest words -- how smart can you be??????

      You do get a Plus for spelling Fuck correcly....but other than that, you really messed up!

    • Manymoonsagointn,

      It's kinda hard to tell what your talking about. Your not very direct about to much of what your saying. It seems you sorta got your panties in a bunch.

      If your referring to me as "smarty pants", well let's get it on old man. If your talking about me commenting about the reduntancy of some people saying near exactly the same thing over and over about frankie, stevie and david morely you need to go to anger management counseling. I've emphathized with the people who have been put out of work (by the way my significant others one of them smart ass) time and time again to the point of reduntacy. So what's your gawd damn point? What makes you think I have any sympathy for the crooks? What's wrong with wanting to hear something new? So,"crap in your pants", if you want to "comment about it", go for it. If your talking about me tough guy, go for it and call me at home. Don't act like you've got guts, show you've got them. Don't be another hide behind your computer hard ass, who vents on this board for the attention just because you didn't like something. Take a hard look at your self!

      Geez your so smart! Frankies "heartless", "it runs in his bloodstream", "He deserves to do time in Attica". Duh! Wow, this is earth shaking.

      Keep Manny out of this. I thought he paid you for 30 years. Sound like you think you gave him a job. Created a business for him to work at? Just because their is "larceny" in your heart and head, don't say it's in the heart of every business person or anyone else. You are wrong, "face it". Your definitly not a business person and you don't seem quite "worldly".

      By no means am I either smart or dumb. I can not help it if I have more all around experience then you in the furniture manufacturing business. That seems to be your problem, not mine.

      Oh, and Mr. Humanitarian, what about the millions of people in Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Our American Ghettos and all over this country, etc., etc. who are suffering, starving, dying and gererally have no hope at all! Let's remember them. The whole world nor this country doesn't center around you and your favorite cronies in Morristown and the South! Neither does nor did Shelby Williams!

      I did nothing nor said anything to you to deserve your rude comments so don't complain about me jumping in your cocca. It's also not my fault you were talking out our butt about the quaity of, terms of or very little else about imported products. Now go take your damn flea bath and don't forget to take another one in 7 days! For the sake of whoever has to sleep with you.

      Next message please try do do a better job of saying what you mean and meaning what you say! Your a disgrace to every decent red-neck!

      Mike Portz (702) 362-9191 Cell (702) 501-9551

      • 1 Reply to mikeportz1
      • I do not post on this board to get into any confrontations, or to be ridiculed. You said you misunderstood what I was saying, yet you berate and belittle me. "Smarty Pants" I referred to was "Dixie". If I had intended for any comments to directly involve you, Mike, I'd have mentioned your name.

        It's a crying shame that every little thing is dissected and analyzed so minutely on this board. A person's opinion ought to count for something other than another something to be scorned.

        You're right.......too much time has been wasted discussing something that is over and done with.


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