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  • alaskan_girl2003 alaskan_girl2003 Mar 5, 2003 5:11 PM Flag

    How's it going, Scio?

    Hello Scio! Hello there big fella!! Never mind that other Alaskan floozy! If she wants to have sex with rat droppings and mind brooms all day for her mother-in-law mammy in a filthy dimestore, by all means let her! I'm a much, much smarter gal, younger, more mature, and I want to marry Sir Galahad someday--a guy like you *winks*--not a rat!

    However, I wouldn't mind being in the same cage as you! To prove it, I will be posting my own pics...whatever that FAKE/FLAKE Alaskan floozy looked like, you please get her out of your mind. I will show you what a real woman looks like...yummy, yummy, yummy, do you have love in your tummy?? :o)


    Your Alaskan Babe

    P.S. I'm from Juneau. The other Alaskan is from Anchorage I bet. They're all sluts down there, and every good eskimo worth his ice knows it!

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    • Skiidady check the spelling. Its 2 posters-one is
      t i metugoavvay who has been around. The other is the dickless clown under an ALIAS!! t l metugoavvay. Just like he did with my name, he's not fooling anyone. He's plain ridiculous that briar.

    • Loraine, seeing as how you are a skiidady student and are fully aware of "the stinky effect", you know the buy was put on during Friday's trading session: On the chance this is my second stalker, stinky Jr., He's pretty lame also having called CMG a sell at 180. I wouldn't be afraid to take the other side of his trades either.....

    • Yes skiidady is truly magnificent. I'm glad you finally realized it. Now we're waiting on his morning call on WIN. I hope I made the right move. I got in before he gave his buy or sell indication.

    • So stinky, what are you doing on this board???? You like a woman who refers to you as a hapless drunken briar and a dickless clown to boot?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    • .....and he is truly magnificent!

    • I wouldn't expect anything less skiidady. He stalks you wherever you post. I'm sure glad that doesn't stop you. You're an investment genius!

    • So stinky, what are you doing on this board???? You like a woman who refers to you as a hapless drunken briar and a dickless clown to boot?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    • Lest we forget:

      And stinky the dickless clown continues his stalking while crapping over every Yahoo message board he can find.

    • Classic line from the skii who was replying to another KKD poster:

      My guess is you like the donuts and don't like reading SEC documents.

      Pure class!

    • Great big booyah to you skiidady!

      Written 3 years ago


      Perhaps you are correct but he did bring up the first things that I posted few years go, that I was short COIN and when stock was issued every few months ( 7 million to 48 million, its the "DADDY OF DILUTION) and COIN fell under $2.00 the LIZARD kept telling all that it was not possible to short a stock under $2.00 it was a telling giveaway as to how little STINKY knew about trading both offshore and in high value accounts.

      Stinky just did not understand that the GAME was being played, high volume short selling into bullcrap PR and then the issue of shares in the secondary.

      Did anyone ever think that those MM that took the shares EVER HELD ANY? Did anyone with any brains think that this management bought any shares ?

      The moron compared this COIN to ACCP where the management put THEIR $25,000,000 into the company when they took it over and reversed split the shares.

      Well I know that COIN as a fertilizer company is a complete failure it always cost $2.00 to manufacture $1.00 in sales, so now it will become a Farming Company, and at this point I have no idea how well they will do, I would not knock what they are doing because I have no knowledge of this new business.


      If you want to invest in a farming operation you are better off waiting until after the new financing, and reverse split, coming to a theater new you very soon.

      You would be much better served in finding a "FARMING COMPANY" with management that you could trust.

      UP DATE DEC 2011 worth nothing

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