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  • elitistbuthumble elitistbuthumble Feb 3, 2005 1:05 PM Flag

    GAP or WIN on the block?

    Once either GAP is acquired or WIN is acquired the shares in the non acquired company will go up in a sympathy rally. GAP was up over 10% yesterday alone on takeover rumors due to a 13d filing. WIN is next.

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    • No one would buy Winn Dixie; they've shopped the stores to nearly every major retailer 7 wholesaler in the U.S. & elsewhere. No buyers, no offers.

      The business is badly broken, in all likelihood too broken to fix.

      With Delhaize opening successful new Sweet Bay stores v. Winn Dixie, Walmart opening a record # of SCs (supercenter) v. Winn Dixie as Walmart fullu focuses on Florida (where Winn has about 43% of its stores) in 2005.

      Publix is opening record numbers of stores v. Winn in parallel path with Walmart.

      Winn Dixie does not have much of A&P left, so Winn Dixie has become the weakest multi regional Southern retailer.

      No one bought Roses, T G & Y, Pantry Pride, Jitney Jungle- Delchamps, Schwegmann's etc. before Walmart wiped them out.

      No buyer wants to bleed to death buying a "falling knife" which Winn Dixie is.

      With approximately 200 non performing properties & many with every quarter, Winn Dixie is a ticking time bomb.

      All of us want Winn to win, but it's been losing so long, that it's too late to stop the S.S. Winn Dixie from sinking to the bottom of Jacksonville Bay.

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      • What's your take on the new CEO? Too little too late? The insiders seem to still be holding the line and Lynch has options in his compensation package. This might be a little early for the fat lady to start singing. Are you short here?

      • Win is not on the block, moron. Win is not selling its core, highly profitable stores like Naples area. Oh and you bet offers of huge magnitude have been made for those prime locations. I know for a fact that these offers have been turned down left and right, idiot. Businesses would kill to get their hands on them. Basically what I'm trying to say is that you don't know what the fuck you're talking about. you are a hopeless white trash loser. Stuff a sock in it

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