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  • jorlev1164 jorlev1164 Jan 23, 2008 9:40 AM Flag

    Is this dividend safe?

    I know the stock might go down but is their any reason for them to cut the div?

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    • Looking at the finacials, their cash flow is over $2.00 per share and the dividend is $1.00 per share....dividends are paid out of cash flow...I think it OK

    • The dividend might be safe but stay away from their DRIP plan.

      It is extremely expensive to purchase WIN through their DRIP.

    • I think it is....many individual investors and some fund managers dump their winners rather than their losers to just to show profit ....too proud to cut their loses on poor stocks...if you bought this stock back in August '06 at at an average low of $11.50 when it could sell all the way down to these levels knowing that you had captured dividends while you were holding....I belive we base here and go up ...remember this is like holding a "utility stock"...if you listened to their last quarter's conference call and read their financials, they are growing....they are taking monies from selling their yellow pages to buy back stock, insiders have been buying back in, and they are expanding,they have limited competition, they are in a growing resi market not a diminshing one....I think this is a good find that is just being the last month two brokerage houses rated the stock, one down while the other just recently rated it a buy....look only at the facts, not the emotional excitement that takes good stock down with the bad....this is a good stock and a good company....I do own is an early retirement plan stock I own which just collects nice dividends. I think this is a great buy here...I just don't want to be top heavy in one stock. I have even added to my existing reit holdings and they are "up" for the year even though pundits are telling you to sell...timing is more important than most people tell just have to do alot of homework and have patience to wait to see when the value appears...

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