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  • cwgonsalves cwgonsalves Mar 23, 2010 12:04 AM Flag

    freehomepage is a huge short seller

    I love how he says he is not shorting the stock, but he's hanging out on a message board that is only for the stock WIN. What a short seller. I wonder how much he's lost already. By the way freehomepage, u talk about one city in north carolina, u have no idea the size of this company. 10 states and counting, and they bought all of verizons land lines...This company is Huge already, and still growing. You are very mistaken on your facts. 3-4 billion in revenues annualy. Freehomepage is a goofball....BUY now before it's too late. 12 before u know it.

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    • Emailrust is a goofball....SELL now before it's too late. 2 before u know it.

    • acolvol Mar 24, 2010 11:24 AM Flag

      I really get "hyped" every quarter with this stock. I usually re-invest.

    • Check it out. WIN did a promotion at a Charlotte gas station letting people buy gas for .49 cents a gallon to promote there 49 dollar price for life service. Guess how much they made $0.00 they actually lost around $80,000. Problem was Charlotte is not even a WIN territory, they may as well have tried to sell WIN on the moon. What I'm saying is this is not a organized company.

      Am I shorting no. Why? Because I don't think it is worth shorting it does have income Fund managers are telling people to buy so it must have some redeeming qualities. All I'm saying is be careful not to overexpose yourself by buying to heavily in this company right now I think there is a lot of hype driving this stock, just be careful.

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      • I'm not sure what to do with your posts. I want to lol at both your grammer and your logic. You say you're not shorting this stock, then why are you here? Do you have a vendetta against Windstream or are you just a good guy trying to save us?

        Windstream is a Clec in Charlotte. There can be no response to the idiot logic and statements you applied to that gas promotion.

        By the way, there is hype driving every stock.

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