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  • davidbdc2001 davidbdc2001 Apr 26, 2011 12:15 PM Flag

    Neflix - Windstream - ???

    Just curious if anyone has thoughts on how Netflix's continued capturing of customers could/might impact WIN in future years. If I read things right Netflix is now capturing more customers than any of the cable companies. I would guess that a larger percentage of the rural population is likely to use Netflix and thus a larger percentage of WIN customers than other carriers.

    Anyways, any thoughts appreciated.

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    • I have Netflix and Comcast; it occured to me that I might replace some of Comcast's over-priced movie channels and make do with Netflix. I discovered that the way Comcast packages its stations made it close to impossible to save money. The big move for me would be to go to a dish service. I imagine that Windstream customers would have a tough time unbundling; for the above reasons as well as their non-competative markets.

      You are asking the right questions David. If someone larger wants their business, let's pray for a buy-out. In the meantime lets hope they can get their earnings up over the buck payout. Mulligan

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      • Dividend is paid out of cashflow. Earnings for this type of company is not the correct criteria for judging their ability to pay.
        The same is true for most older style phone companies. Once their plant and equipment is paid for they are awash with monthly infusions of cash. Their biggest expense historicly has been buying up their smaller competitors for which they used borrowed money.
        Been their.

        Go longs!

    • Okay....windstream doesn't do cable TV and really doesn't do all that much digital TV via IP. the legacy business that makes the dividend juicy just isn't the same business as Netflix at all. So my take is that while I do see factors that will diminish Winstream's appeal to me over time, Netflix isn't one of them.

      that's the smartest answer I got for ya today. Good Luck!

    • George Jetson has 13 comments, but an actual question regarding Windstream's future and what might impact it has zero.................

      And people wonder why they lose money investing in the stock market.....

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