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  • loucat_2000 loucat_2000 Mar 5, 2013 7:19 AM Flag


    Cramer did a "number" last night on high dividend stocks...and the warning signs that the dividend is not safe.
    He emphasized the fact that even if mgt "guarantees" a dividend, they can not always be believed.
    He did not,however, mention Windstream.
    Good or bad??...the fact he did not elaborate on Windstream is good, but wonder if the stock price may be knocked down a bit in sympathy with the stocks he did mention.
    The Windstream management team seems to be making positive financial maneuvers to solidify their ability to reinforce the continued payment of the dividend.
    According to Cramer's philosophy..."can we believe them"?
    Stocks always seem to react to comments by any analyst...Cramer throws a little more weight than others.

    Let's see what happens in the next few days.

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    • Cramer is a looser, and loosers follow loosers. Dont be a looser.

    • nt1127 Mar 10, 2013 9:06 AM Flag

      Keep in mind, Cramer is an employee of CNBC; CNBC is part of the NBC network, you know, the network that also has MSNBC.........................if Cramer gets out of line and does anything contrary to the biased left wing doctrine of NBC he will be sent to the woodshed and given a threat to change his tune or else. This is the way it works and is the same way the oBUMa regime works. Nothing will change as long as there are enough misguided, mislead, uniformed, naive airheads out there drinking the Kool Aid. Look for oBUMa to run for a third term if people continue to drink the Kool AId and the Dems take over congress in 2014. Constitutional amendment change to allow him a third term....................Dictator on the horizon.....a clone of Hugo Chavez!

    • I agree that managements can not always be believed when they say that the future will be rosy and the money will keep flowing. Investors need to be realistic about how brutal the world can be and how quickly the fortunes of companies can change.

    • There was a time when Cramer recommended CTL and now he trashes it. I remember when Cramer told us it was all about free cash flow and now he claims it is about earnings. Cramer changes with the wind and many have lost money listening to him. He is just entertainment and be careful about taking him seriouslly. Many have lost money listening to him.

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      • I agree....and if my memory serves me, he had the CEO of Windstream on many months ago touting his company.
        I did some research, and after listening to Cramer be enthusiastic and the CEO stating how everything was great, I decided to make an investment.
        So far I am about "break even" on my cost, but have enjoyed the dividend.
        Let's hope Windstream is the exception, not the rule, when it comes to retaining the dividend.

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