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  • cu2be99 cu2be99 Jun 14, 2013 1:45 PM Flag


    Windstream (NASDAQ: WIN), a telecom service provider, also looks ripe for a dividend cut. At the current price, its shares yield a hefty 12.67% with a massive payout ratio of 281.13%. The company has an image of consistently paying out dividends, and to maintain its reputation, Windstream has been borrowing cash.

    But in the process, its debt/equity ratio has deteriorated to 879, due to which most credit rating firms have a junk rating for the company. As a result, Windstream doesn’t have access to cheap credit to sustain its dividend, which definitely calls for a dividend cut. As of now, Windstream’s total long term debt stands at $8.1 billion, which has risen by 51% over the last five years.

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    • Why don't you tell us when this is going to happen. I been hearing the same story for a long time. I like the 12% dividend. If they cut the dividend in half they still pay 6%. Maybe the cut is already priced in?

    • Very good post cu2be99, You are 100% right. There are so many pumpers on here you're going to have a lot of replies telling you you're wrong. People like elumintng69, drseusphd, myprofile and all the others who make money by telling lies and getting other investors to buy so they can dump their shares at a higher price and leave the others with shares of stock that are worth far less than it was when they bought it. They will disagree with you and there are more of them than there is of the honest people like me, you and johns.patrick so they get their lies out there and make you look like your the dishonest one.

    • According to S&P, WIN had a credit rating of bb-. As of the end of 2012 fiscal year, the long term debt to capitalization was 80.6%. The lowest ratio since 2008 which was 80.2 percent. It's coverage of the dividend to free cash flow was 76% and for 2013 it's estimated to be 66%. We'll have to see what 2013 brings but so far everything looks good for future dividends and some appreciation.

    • Nice cut and paste from the most recent hack job. Where is YOUR analysis?

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