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    Finally,,, a sign someone in broomfield gives a #$%$!

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    • The meeting was held Oct 4-5. Here is the abstract from the agenda:
      "Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in most developed
      countries. There is strong evidence for the net benefits of aspirin in
      decreasing the risk of cardiovascular events in a wide range of patients.
      Nevertheless a significant proportion of patients experience recurrent
      cardiovascular events. With the advent of platelet function testing the
      concept of aspirin resistance or non-response has emerged. There is no
      clear data in Ireland on the therapeutic response to aspirin in patients
      with coronary artery disease. To address this question, at a national
      level, the first study of the National Cardiovascular and Stroke
      Research Network (NCSRN) prospectively evaluated the response to
      aspirin in 700 patients with stable coronary artery disease. Patients
      aged 18 years or older with a documented history of coronary artery
      disease on any dose of aspirin for 3 months were included in the study.
      Patients with unstable coronary syndromes, known haematological
      disorders or active malignancy were excluded. Demographic data were
      recorded and a blood sample was taken for Thromboxane B2(TxB2)
      levels. All blood samples were analyzed in a central laboratory and
      demographic data recorded in a central data base. An interim analysis
      has shown that 20 % of the patients have a serum Tx of 2.2 ng/ml.
      Using a cut point of 2.2 ng/ml this suggests that 20 % of patients in
      Ireland with established coronary artery disease are not adequately
      ‘protected’ by aspirin. A preliminary analysis of the demographic data
      has demonstrated that age, hypertension, weight and alcohol con-
      sumption are risk factors for an inadequate response to aspirin. The full
      results of this study on behalf of the NCSRN will, if accepted, be
      presented at the Irish Cardiac Society in 2013."

    • News on business wire good to inform investors. What kind of media blitz will be needed to move the majority of physicians to use AW? Lots of pharmaceuticals are hawked on TV direct to end user, but that requires big bucks and might not be optimal use of limited funds.

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