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  • reelscope reelscope Jun 6, 2007 6:57 PM Flag

    About insider selling in GILD......

    If everyone would take a look a the top brass salariers in this company we will notice that they are all under paid and very successfull. THey way they have elected to get thier compensation over the year is threw stock. With the stock spilt coming they all have enough share to sell some and make a little for themselves and will get shares to replace the share sold.
    Thier is nothing wrong with this, they should be rewarded for thier work. It is just that it seem that they all sell at once which they do and put pressure on the stock.
    This pressure has only been for about 2 weeks now and will soon pass when it does and the stock goes higher and splits we will all forgetabout the selling!!!!!!!!
    We see 85 before split and 52 after!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Or you are one-in-the-same. What is the point of posting if you are not being honest.

      Me - one id. Take my chances and take my lumps.

      There is the old story about football prognosticators giving out free tips over the phone. Half the country gets a boisterous guarantee for one team, the other half - the other team. The tipster will be right with half the country, and hopefully a few will pay for the next go round. Kind of a crummy way to scratch out a living.

      Southy, you are similar, but not the same. Vengeance is your more reclusive twin brother. You are the same age, and have the same perspective, but he is not so bold as to make wholesale wrong guarantees. That way the brother can stick around even after his sib blows-up - never to be heard from again. Not really a great way to go through life, as far as I can tell.

    • Are you saying this to suggest that you are not the aforementioned Southtown?

      Time to come clean. This post was identical to the June 6th Southtown post. Diapers. Abbott. The whole thing. Either you are one in the same or a cheap knock off.

    • This post gave you away.

    • barber thinks anyone that agrees with him is a genious and everyone else is a fool - granted I'm a richer one, but I guess the only thing to say in this world of free speech is that, unfortunately, it looks like we have about 10 more days of increasingly vitriolic spittle as the barber gets more and more panicky. I suspect by the end of next week he will be posting 15 times an hour, 24 hours a day about an impossibly bad deal (that somehow starts looking good) that is tainted by illegal activity on all levels of government.

    • Thanks for complement, but there are others here who study the science details harder than I.

      Anyway, GILD has had candidates for the cardiovascular space in the past. I suspect that they have something percolating. 2.5 Billion is a lot of money for Ambri, but don't underestimate GILD's ability to get drugs approved and market them. They do it better than almost anyone.

    • I expect that GILD saw something more in Myogen than simply Ambri.

      Tomorrow will be a good day regardless.

    • Gild was smart in its acquisition of MYOG, making the offer after MYOG has already backed off of its highs. IMO they got MYOG very cheap.

      Looking forward to 2008 when Ambrisentan and the rest of the pipeline, not to mention Altripla in EU start showing in their earnings. MW

    • Suppose you are 100% right with the FDA and Myogen was a bust. Then a reasonable adjustment would be $2.5 billion (the cost of myogen). That's only 6 points. Sure, I don't want to loose the 6 points. But, if we have to start our climb again from 77 or 78, the longs will survive.

      Now, if you are wrong, when do you cover? Never? Not until the stock goes back down? Because it can't go up forever?

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