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  • Pro_Trader_Dude Pro_Trader_Dude Oct 17, 2007 1:30 PM Flag

    One day left until the BOMB drops!!!

    This may be your last chance to lock in gains!!!

    Looking damn weak today too as the Big Boys take their chips off the table!


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    • Izincso I swear you must drink too much - make as much sense as the "pro"

      re-read what you wrote and if it really makes sense to you, then you are in trouble

      "What the "end is near" baloney? You are prone to exaggeration as a means of discrediting those opposed to your view. By exaggeration you build a strawman. This form of argument, though effective with poorly informed or pliant audiences, is none-the-less unethical. Something a Gildee would have a hard time recognizing. I also percieve from your responsives your are either young or unsophisticated for your age.

      Your challenge was meant to emphasize what you believe will be pps propping numbers. I will remind you of the big picture. You are looking for earnings per share just over the price of a postage stamp, a tiny amount compared to the price of a share. And, that minisucle amount doesn't accrue to you in any, but one way, that the pps rises and you sell others that believe it protends a higher pps in the future. And, that future pps is subject to many issues. This latest number can be good for you or meaningless depending upon how you react to its commonly perceived significance.
      Gild doesn't pay a dividend-you'll have nothing in hand, but the hope that the perception is that the pps will climb and that others buy into that perception. "

    • "This latest number can be good for you or meaningless depending upon how you react to its commonly perceived significance."

      "commonly perceived significance" is the key. I know of no experienced investor who puts any importance on EPS alone. That explains quite a bit about the long investors here.

      Tick... tick... tick...


    • I've made a fortune doing the opposite of what you do. Why change now?

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      • I've been long GILD since early 2000. There is almost never a leak of #s ahead of time. After earnings, every once in a while there is a pull back, but more often an increase after earnings #s. Who knows this time though, although it has been a while since a big jump on earnings day. It does seem like there are a couple of things that might suprise on the upside, sales from the MYOG drug, sales for HIV franchise. Also, if I recall, the drop in royalties from the Tamiflu sales drop will be lagged by a quarter & may not be reflected this quarter.

    • gildslayer you are so negative. this is zinc's last chance to average down in mdw,lxrx,xoma.

      and your last chance to get out of gild before the bomb drops. proamateurdude is going to be even tommorrow.

      now was the mydog deal a purchase, acquisition or merger. let me get out my old college books from reed and read them.

      knock knock. who's there. zinc. oh it's no one says proamateur.

      i heard yesterday on the radio that 33% of people do not act like ther're suspose to on drugs. also 10% of hospital beds are occupied by people with adverse reactions. sorry i didn't hear more. can this be true. if so, this drug discovery stuff is tuff.

    • I did my homework. I get 43 cents. I also predicted 50 dollars between now and their 4th quarter report.

      I see very strong growth with a 25 multiple on a stock that is sure to do $2.00 in 08. You can call it DD, but I call it math. 50 easy in the next 4 months. That's 17% for a third of a year, or 50% annualized.

      istincos and notsopro don't disagree because that would be risky. No, they just run around with their "the end is near" baloney. And, everytime there is a wrinkle they think it gives them a right to say, "see, I told you so." Well, we all realize that stocks don't go straight up. There are always wrinkles, but shorting GILD has been the express lane to the poor house.

      If you don't want to make an oh so researched prediction, at least quote a price where "If GILD reaches this price, I'll admit defeat, and return to my hole."

      My prediction: That won't happen either.

    • I did make some mega namby-pamby gains today on GILD today. The late day rally was obviously coming. Shorts are fearful and longs are adding to already strong positions. Tomorrow may bring an additional rally before announcement.

      $50 by year end - remember another high $56 one year price target

    • Weak day today pro - wait till everyone really jumps on board - you say one thing and the stock goes the other direction - that seems to me to be your main mantra.

      Cover now and you'll be out less than $5 a share from that short at $38. Give up on Izincso's suggestions - as you can see a short position in LXRX would have been better

    • Pro: Wrong again

      "Looking damn weak today too as the Big Boys take their chips off the table!

      Rally is about to accellerate

    • izincso - LXRX is way down ago so you came to bash the very company that is saving so many lives. You should go long GILD today and make a quick 10% on your $$.

      $50 by year end!!!

      I pretty much called LXRX to a Tee ($7 down to $2.50 - off by 41 cents) so you might just listen to me. I've done quite a bit of this.

      Don't get caight short into this earnings - you'd be a fool

    • You are a hack, and nothing more.

      A Chicken Little Stinci. The sky is falling - The sky is falling.

      You are broken record playing Alanis Morisette. Turn it off.

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