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  • photomanrb1234 photomanrb1234 Feb 26, 2009 2:32 PM Flag

    is price going down due to obama and

    drug pricing

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    • You'll have to beg your doctor for high cost prescriptions under Obama care. That's how costs are cut: by not doing procedures, tests, surgeries or giving medications. Limited health care sucks.

      Public health care will be just as good as public housing.

    • Of course the stock is going down due to Obama. He is out to destroy not only capitalism, but the very fabric of this once great country. He is the ultimate socialist. He wants to destroy business, free markets, and would love nothing more than to waste your hard-earned 401K down to zero, so you would have to depend on the government to support you. That's what he's all about. God help us.

    • Bio bob - - of course we never hit 15K, my mistake - we hit just 14,098 on October of 2007 and when Bush checked out we were at 8,000, so lets amend that to taking us from 14,000 to 8,000 DURING his presidency.

    • As we all know, Presidents are sworn in on the 20th of January.

      January 20, 2001 (Saturday)
      January 19, 2001 (Friday's close) Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 10,587.59

      January 20, 2009 DJIA closed at 7,949.09

      Now look at Presidential election dates

      November 7, 2000 DJIA closed at 10,952.18 (Bush elected)
      November 4, 2008 DJIA closed at 9,625.28 (Obama elected)

      I don't see the 15,000 to 8,000 reference you made???

    • My post doesn't deserve a reply, but you did. Of course, you've not checked the US healthcare ranking against the other industrialized nations (the US is last), but offer some factless opinion abvout other people coming here for treatment. You might want to check out the number of amercians going elswhere for treatment;its a growing trend.

      Our system, which functions well for those decreasing numbers of people that can afford it, has the an increasing inabliltiy to serve the populus as a whole. The more people that can't afford health insurance, the smaller the pool of those that can and thus the greater the costs therefore the less the numbers that can afford it and so on and on.

      We have a very expensive system which is a huge burden on employees and employers alike. Our health care system is broken and rants last among the industrialized nations. As far a drug discovery is concerned, it is not exclusive to the US. Other countries are growing in their abilities and many non-US companies are doing very well. It is Roche buying Genentech not the reverse.

    • Obama had everything to do with this price drop.. I guess if you are not invested in the market, Obama's your man.. If you own stocks and voted for him, you are just plain ignorant.
      Have a nice weekend...

    • libtards_lack_commonsense libtards_lack_commonsense Feb 27, 2009 4:14 PM Flag

      Are you trying to say Obama's proposed legislation has nothing to do with this stock price drop and doesn't threaten the future of biotechs/pharmas? You need to lay off the Obama kool-aid. Like I said, you reap what you sew you delusional morons.

    • Wasteful healthcare system where resources are thoughtlessly misused..

    • .... but only for expensive speciality treatments. Availability of basic family healthcare especially in preventative medicine remains mostly marginal, expensive and not readily available. You gotta get out from your smug surroundings a bit to realize this, I suppose.

      Nobody is saying companies should and would not profit. That is such a lame knee jerk response.

      What we are talking about is the availability, affordability and quality of basic care for every citizen. Healthcare for citizens is a basic HUMAN INFRASTRUCTURE.... not just brick and mortar. EVEN almighty corporations NOW have realized the toll costly price healthcare insurance is taking on their business.

    • It sure is. Welcome to liberalism....

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