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  • tmatthews69 tmatthews69 Mar 25, 2014 12:17 PM Flag

    Why biotechs rip off US customers ? Sovaldi is $84000 in US and $900 in Egypt !

    This is how bio-techs rip off the US patients ...they get all kinds of money to do the research from US tax payers and then Rip apart US patients who needs there medicine .A Perfect scam created by Bio-techs ,insurance companies and Wall street ! I used to be long GILD but out of it and ethically i hate them

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    • Hey, I got an idea. Move to EGYPT!!!!!

    • US patients are being cured rather than being 'ripped off'. Insurers are covering sovaldi, and treatment with it saves money for the sickest HepC cases with liver cirrhosis and in need of transplant.

      The country-specific drug pricing is used by essentially all pharmaceutical companies, and takes into account local factors that influence market uptake and profitability.

    • Eqypt also has one of the most (if not the most) highest concentration and numbers of Hep C patients in the world. Thats volume right there so you sell it to them at a discount and make your money based on the masses. The less concentrated the disease, the more each individual has to pay in that given country's healthcare system.

    • In the long run this will help the entire world since patients in other parts of the world will be cured and no longer an infectious threat. Biotechs do the opposite of ripping off US customers, in some perspectives they actually save the U.S. money. I hope you will donate your profits from GILD (if you have any) to the patients whom you are trying to save to help pay for this historic advancement in curing a chronic disease by small molecules. Saving lives and innovation is not cheap, easy or a scam. Eventually this will be generically available and will place HCV alongside polio and poxvirus as diseases that are no longer a threat.

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    • kidshelleen51 Mar 25, 2014 7:13 PM Flag

      And if there's an adverse side effect in Egypt, oh well. If there's one in the U.S. it's a 100 hundred million dollar lawsuit. And of course the lawyers get about half of that. Meanwhile, Washington turns and looks the other way. Ethically, I hate guys like you that keep voting for more and bigger government.

    • it is the same way with a lot of things in the US, DOW and Monsanto do the same things with agricultural products in foreign countries selling for half the price of here, The US govt is the same way they tax those that make the most and make them pay more for medicare when they retire although they paid more in. They give bigger tax breaks to foreign companies and countries than they give us. It is the typical robin hood mentality which most of the US citizens approve You have your producers and then you have your parasites.

    • That is such an ignorant post.

      First, NIH doesn't provide close to enough funding to bring these drugs to market (and I wish the NIH could provide more, and perhaps get drug warrants in return to lower the US tax payers' burden).

      Second, Do you even know how much other first world countries are paying for this very same drug? $57k for UK, and $66k for Germany. Oh, you say, they pay less! But did you look at their GDP per capita? That's right, normalize to per-capita-$, US, Germany, and UK are paying approximately the same. Sure, Egypt gets a discount, but I take that as being generous to an unfortunate group of people (Egypt has a large population of HCV carriers due to poor gov't vaccination policies dating 30 years ago).

      I understand that the general investor doesn't care about nuances, but maybe do a little more research before you post next time. Or maybe you're just a basher, then in that case -- how's IDIX treating you today? Lost a lot of money? Good.

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      • i would almost bet you money that the US insurance industry is not paying more than 64k here in the US The price has little to do with the money recieved , the medical, pharma and doctor industry has been taken over and they no longer have control over their pricing so they put out ridiculous prices because they know they have to negotiate down.

    • Actually, the Insurance companies are ripping off American people not drug companies.

      If you're qualify low income family you too can qualify access program to get drug for cheap from these drug companies. Look back GILD history, they have helped HIV patients around the world to have a better lives and Sovaldi soon to be the same. And if you comparison to Adult entrainment, Marijuana, Beer, cigarette, soft drinks industries GILD is ethically fabulous!

      The headline is being manipulated by the short interest..and they have no interest to helping the American people!..They're are want your share at discount.

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      • As the costs of drugs have increased, insurance companies have had to raise premiums to cover their costs. When you say insurance companies are "ripping off" American people. have you considered that the high costs of the new treatments lead to higher insurance costs? There have been approvals for multiple expensive drugs and treatments from various companies. This is not just the issue of one or a few drugs or treatments. There are many forms of many diseases.

    • parkplacebob Mar 25, 2014 12:40 PM Flag

      " I used to be long GILD but out of it and ethically i hate them

      Good riddance...

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