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  • dcxavier dcxavier Oct 14, 2001 12:52 PM Flag

    (OT) National ID's?

    The ID I fear most is like a Passport that must be produced for federal agents while traveling internally within the USA. I don't want to have to tell them who I am without probable cause for arrest, nor do I want this information to go into a government database showing where I was on a particular date and time. One thing that makes the USA so attractive to all the world's people is freedom from such government action. We are not a nation that spies on our people. If some whackos want to fuck with us, we will hunt them down like dogs, but for the vast majority of the world's people, our doors must be open.

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    • Listen we already lost a lot of freedoms due to the drug war. I have been stopped a few times and asked for my ID, Driver License, by a cop for no good damn reason. I figure they thought I had something, drugs, and they decided to check my ID and frisk me down to find it. Needless to say they never found it, since I didn't have anything like that, and I was released on the spot. So how is this war on terror going to be different? I don't know how close you follow the news of New York, but even before this Terror attack, Cops, in New York, could stop you and pat you down, for no reason other than they tought you looked like someone they should check out. It has reduced alot of crime and New York is probably a better place to live because of it.
      Not to say I'm in favor of it, because I'm not. I believe Governmental powers should be reined in and instead citizens should be pro-active in reducing crime themselves. Such as, carry a handgun and shot any one who tries to rob you. Crimials feed on the weak and if we as a people are strong, then forget about it. The crimial element will disappear.

      And finally talking about the drug war, who was the stupid SOB to coin that.. Nixon? Listen because the government wants to protect ous from ourselves, we have financed through the addicts money many crimial activities and corrupted the society at large. And as ironic as it may be, the West probably financed most of the attacks on 11Sep01 through it.

      "90 percent of all heroin on the streets on England, comes from Afghanistan, and it supports many terroist groups" as stated by Tony Blair.

      If you really want to claim back our freedoms than the first step is legalize drugs. Let people do what they want as long as it is not hurtful and crimial to others. We probably don't have the courage to do something like that and therefore we will lose even more. It's a choice and most Americans will chose Impossed Security over freedom... Not that it is a totally bad thing... But in the end, it is not the country I was raised, and now believe in...