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  • jamulmike jamulmike Jul 23, 2012 10:02 AM Flag

    SanDisk 64GB SDXC gets raves

    75 5 star out of 96!!
    8 4 star!

    I remember a clown poster on SanDisk MB. Years ago.
    In perfect static model pitch,...
    He said everyone has a 250MB (READ .25GB, ¼GB!) card.
    Who was going to buy another?

    Will we hear uncompressed audio on cards?
    You bet!
    This is just the start!!!

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    5.0 out of 5 stars 64gb Micro SD, works great November 22, 2011
    By music fan
    Size Name:64GB Class 6|
    Amazon Verified Purchase
    I ordered this 64gb micro SD card because my music collection is simply too large to fit on the 32gb card I had in my android phone. This new card doesn't disappoint. You lose about 4gb due to the vagaries of the FAT32 format, but that's to be expected. The net result is for $160 I have a phone with 76 gb of space (70 useable after file system reserves), which outdoes almost anything on the market.

    What is absolutely great is that the card works in some older android phones, even though the manufacturers have not promised it will. I am using it in my Samsung Galaxy S, which is supposedly limited to handling only a 32gb card, but it works great. When you pop it in, you have to format it, and after that it's treated exactly like any other card, but with more space. I've read elsewhere that the card will work with a number of other older android phones, but I recommend you look into it before buying one.

    This is way better than having to buy a $900 phone because I needed more space.

    A word about speed: I'm only using this card for music. I believe it is fast, but I haven't tried any situation that demands the speed, so I really don't know.

    Overall, if you need the space, I highly recommend this card.