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  • jamulmike jamulmike Jul 23, 2012 10:45 AM Flag

    ASML CC: Node-a-year commences ‘13

    I would dispute that.
    NAND has been at that pace for years.
    Samsung has pushed the same pace in DRAM recently.
    Altera, in FPGAs, swamped Xilinx by doing it.
    If he’s saying becoming mainstream, I can work with that!

    Eric Meurice

    The second half looks to be sustained by an increase of system shipments supporting NAND shrink plans
    Further, our developing views on 2013 suggests that it will be supported by NAND and DRAM at the beginning of the year assuming a good pick-up of the PC ultra book business and the continuation of the high end mobile unit growth along with a steady shipment to IDM’s which is also driven by PC’s and start-up of 20 nanometer Foundry Logic by mid year 2013.

    The reason for the acceleration of the logic business in 2013 is a shortened node transition period between the current 28 nanometer node and future 22 nanometer node which will be about only one year driven by the current race for best integration, best feature set, best power consumption in the mobile arena, where Intel architecture, the Intel architecture and the ARM architecture will boost play. This transition is also very, very lithography intensive as we expect between 1.7 and two times more Immersion systems used for wafer start in 22 nanometer compared to 28 nanometer.