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  • jamulmike jamulmike Jul 24, 2012 12:26 PM Flag

    TI CC: Why bother, a lagging Analog Co.

    TI is flogging outdated Fabs.
    Making 20th chips.
    Can you say Elpida?
    They will wake up one day and find their circuits in somebody else’s leading edge chip.

    Kevin P. March

    John, the biggest thing driving the profitability or, quite frankly, the lack of profitability right now in Wireless is the revenue. This is a revenue-dependent business that we talked about for a while. There's a large R&D built going on inside that segment as they develop new products for the end markets they're aiming at, and it really has been one that requires more revenue than it obviously has today to absorb that much R&D. It has clearly got our attention, something we're looking closely into. As it relates to a breakeven number, I would just remind you that back in fourth quarter that revenues at that segment turned in -- was actually above breakeven at that point in time, if you adjust it for baseband. So that's probably your best reference point. I won't try to forecast going forward. As you probably well know from our conversations here in the recent past, we're looking at the opportunities for that business to expand product offerings into the embedded processing space, and that, clearly, will have a different profile of needs as we get all that timing worked out.