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  • jamulmike jamulmike Aug 1, 2012 6:01 AM Flag

    XLNX PR: “Virtex-7 H580T…1st...3D FPGA...

    and Low-Cost Artix-7 FPGAs"

    Get the shill signals from the stiff all ho.
    he pumps the wires on a regular basis.
    Speaking for his “investors”, psycho picosecond traitors.
    Facts very, very clear!!
    Think 3D!!!
    Think innovators!!!
    Insist on Cymer!!!!!!!

    Xcell Journal Issue 80 Details the Virtex-7 H580T - the World's First Heterogeneous 3D FPGA - and Low-Cost Artix-7 FPGAs
    Press Release: Xilinx, Inc. – 14 hours ago
    SAN JOSE, Calif., July 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Xilinx, Inc. (XLNX) today announced immediate availability of the Summer 2012 edition of Xcell Journal magazine, featuring in-depth looks at Xilinx's Virtex®-7 H580T, the world's first heterogeneous 3D FPGA, and the Artix™-7 A100T, the first device shipping from Xilinx's feature-rich, low-power, low-cost 28nm generation of All Programmable devices. Xcell Journal issue 80 is available as a one-click pdf download or in ISSUU eMagazine format (iPad compatible).


    In addition to the cover story on the Virtex-7 H580T and Artix-7 devices, Xcell Journal issue 80 has several informative how-to and methodology articles. One of these insightful how-to articles, "The Basics of FPGA Mathematics," targets new users of FPGAs or those needing a refresher on the basic rules and methods involved with implementing mathematical functions in FPGAs. For more advanced users, the issue includes an insightful article in which two Italian engineers describe how they employed an advanced design method called partial dynamic reconfiguration to make an FSK demodulator. One of the many great methodology articles is entitled "FPGA-Based Instrumentation Withstands the Chill of Deep Space," in which authors describe the outstanding reliability of Xilinx FPGAs that they tested at extreme sub-zero temperatures.

    "This issue of Xcell Journal highlights two new exciting devices from Xilinx's 28nm generation of All Programmable devices," said Xcell Journal publisher, Mike Santarini. "The Virtex-7 HXT marks a major milestone in semiconductor innovation and makes evident the power of 3D IC technology to speed up the pace of electronic innovation and enable marvelous new life-changing inventions. The Artix-7 is also an extremely impressive All Programmable FPGA family that will allow design groups to add professional-class, advanced functionality to their products and allow their companies to in turn deliver greater value to their customers."

    Xcell Journal Summer 2012 Edition Highlights

    Cover Story

    Xilinx Introduces First Heterogeneous 3D FPGA: Virtex-7 H580T
    Design Methodology and Application Features

    Artix-7 FPGA Brings High-End Value to Low-Cost Market
    FPGAs Head for the Cloud
    FPGA-Based Instrumentation Withstands the Chill of Deep Space
    Using Spartan® Technology to Support Green Energy Development
    Designing a 19nm Flash PCIe® SSD with Kintex™-7 FPGAs