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  • jamulmike jamulmike Jan 14, 2013 9:54 AM Flag

    Samsung (LTPS AMOLED) Galaxy 3 killing iPhone 5?

    There's a whole bunch wrong with iStuff.
    Way late to shrink.
    Not enough features.
    No NAND slot (Always thought that was really, really bogus).
    Seems consumers are voting with their wallets.
    Did Apple do a WinTel?
    Forget the customer is back in charge/being a thug just wont cut it anymore?
    A Nokia?
    Resting on laurels?
    Take heed gadget guys!
    Pick up the pace on LTPS AMOLED (Not bogus OLED BLU!)!!
    I say in this Video Massive Paradigm Shift World, LTPS AMOLED is the solution.
    Flogging Retina (AKA just plain old pixel stuffed LCD) just like HDD,...
    Think LTPS AMOLED!!!
    Insist on Cymer!!!!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy