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  • ahtawil ahtawil Jan 18, 1998 4:14 PM Flag

    cymi good buy or wait ?

    please tell me what you think and why. do you have a target ? Thank you.

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    • If not already, EVENTUALLY, smart money will end up on CYMI.

      Personally, I think CYMI will beat earnings by more than 20%.
      That would mean I am betting CYMI announces .27 or more for
      earnings come January 29. I also expect the 6 days worth of short volume to scramble and drive the price up fast in a short
      period of time. That's what I expect anyway.

      Analysts are saying .22 - but what do I know?

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      • Got to tell you I've been reading this message board for some time now and SI as well. I am concerned if CYMI doesn't come in with exceptional earnings for the 4th quarter, the response will be just as October, totally discounted and ignored. That may happen even if they have exceptional earnings due to forward shipment estimates obsessing.

        I am concerned about DUV248's comment about warranty problems. Anyone, please shed some light on that.

        Also I noted the ratio of shorts/average volume as 5.84 during Dec., which is starting to make this stock look like a short setup on a penny stock. This company must have really made the Street mad. It looks like all out war to take the baby down.

        I got to tell you I own 3,000 shares with an average price of $28 and I'm wondering if I'll ever see my money back again, let alone a profit, based on the punishment this stock is taking. I'm hanging in there until they run it down to zero.

        Yoda, go for it. Maybe a letter will help. At the very least, they need someone more competent to hand P.R.